Motorcycle Fuel Petcock

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Project Description

Motorcycle Fuel Petcock Specifications:

Motorcycle Fuel Petcock or Fuel Control Valve is a small shut-off valve used to control the flow of liquid or gas. Gasoline essential to the proper operation of motorcycle is controlled by a “Fuel Control Valve” also known as a “Petcock”. This valve is located at the bottom of the fuel tank and can have a number of different configurations.

It usually has 2 or 3 setting (a few have 4). ON / RES / PRI / OFF

Japanese bikes had 3 ON/RES/PRI

Modern motorcycles are engineered with latest technology and new equipment. They consist of different parts that are assembled to put the bike on gear. Each and every part is having its own importance and together they make the motorcycle more efficient. To ensure the efficiency, you need to buy the best parts from a reputed place. Motorcycle petcock is a small valve that is being used to limit the fuel flow into the engine and the carburetor of the motorbike. From its definition you can assume the importance of buying the most efficient motorcycle fuel petcock to run you motorcycle fluently.

As motorcycles are more than just a vehicle for many people, buying every single part for them with great consideration is very crucial. Sunway Autoparts understands this and thus they provide every single detail you need to know about the part. You just need to feel up the contact form and let us know your queries. You will get an assured response within a single business day. If you are looking for any specific kind of petcock for your motorcycle then you should check out once with us. Expertise help can solve all queries regarding the petcock for you. Entire procedure is very simple and convenient. Now it is really easy to customise or install new parts in your vehicle. Do your research and get the desired type of petcock you are looking for.

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