Starter Ignition Switch

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Project Description

NEW Caterpillar Starter Ignition Switch Excavator Digger 307, 308, 3111, 312, 313, and 314

All engines need a means of starting. An electric starter does this job, but they are subject to immense amounts of wear and tear. When the starter on a Caterpillar excavator fails, the engine cannot be cranked, which means downtime, lost productivity and other problems. This can dramatically increase costs, while slowing down completion of a project to a crawl. Sunway can help.


At Sunway, we design and manufacture high quality replacement parts for a wide range of industrial machines, including Caterpillar excavators. Our starter ignition switch features off, on and start positions, as well as simple screw terminals to make installation easy. There are six terminals, which include accessory, B, BR, C, R1 and R2. It also features a 20 mm mounting hole for a precise fit, as well as two keys.


Our Caterpillar starter ignition switch is designed to fit 3046, 3054, 3064, 3066, 3126B and C6.4 engines, as well as excavator models 307, 307B, 307C, 308C, 311, 311C, 312, 312B and BL, 313B, 314C, 315, 315 L, 315B L, 317, 317N and many other models.

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