VW Golf Car Headlight

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Project Description

Rear Lamp Light Cluster – Drivers Side – VW Golf MK1 1974-1993

The car that kick-started the entire “hot hatch” craze, the MK1 Golf, is still on the roads today. The VW Golf is fun to drive, with more than ample power for most situations, and it is one of the most easily customized of VW’s options to this day. Of course, the fact that the MK1 was manufactured from 1974 to 1993 means that many of the models on the road today are in need of replacement lights, often the rear lamp cluster.

The rear lamp cluster on the MK1 Golf included the turn signal, the brake light, the taillight and the reverse light. This meant that any damage to the cluster could leave a driver without any of those essential lights.

At Sunway, we used original equipment specifications to design our replacement rear lamp cluster for the driver side of the 1974 – 1993 MK1 Golf. That means installing the new cluster is simple – just remove the old one and the new one fits perfectly into place. We also chose to use high quality construction materials, including high strength polycarbonate. That ensures more impact resistance, but it also means less chance of yellowing and cracking from exposure to the elements.

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