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Project Description

Fuel is the lifeline of a vehicle. Small parts of a motorbike are also very important to make it more efficient. Fuel petcock is such a part of a motorbike that makes it more efficient and helps you to make use of the fuel in the correct way.  If you are looking for Yamaha petcock then we have the vast range that will help to fulfill your needs.  Sunway Autoparts is specialized corner for all types of auto parts available.

When you are out to shop for a fuel petcock, you should only rely on specialized auto parts seller. This way you can get to check the whole range of petcock available with lots of varieties.  Sunway Autoparts is dealing with all kinds of branded and custom auto parts. You can get there your desired Yamaha petcock with 100 percent guarantee of quality. It is easy to buy all your auto parts under one roof with quality endurances. Here you will get Best quality with a lot of variety to choose from.

Before buying a petcock you should ensure few things to assure the best buy. First of all when you are up for a brand like Yamaha, you are almost assured about the quality. Secondly when you are buying the product from an expert corner like Sunway Autoparts, you are fully assured about the product you are buying.

From Sunway auto parts you will get:

100 percent assured quality Yamaha petcock.
You will get full assistance if you find any issue after buying the product as well.
You will get more efficient customer service and quality.

There is a huge range of Yamaha petcock available here. They work differently as per their capacity. We have all the verities to fulfill your requirement. Fuel petcocks are very important bike part and efficiency of your vehicle depends a lot on this part of your motor bike.

You can read the description and model number so that you can decide which one you need to buy. With most reasonable price and complete description you can easily make a choice without any doubts. It is also advisable to compare products so that you can go for the best fit for your vehicle.

Go through the Yamaha Petcocks available here and read the descriptions to check them out clearly. Contact us anytime if you have any queries and doubts through our ‘contact us’ page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Yamaha RXS100 RD125 SR125 RD200 DT250 DT SR RD RXS FS1 petrol fuel tap petcock

  • 100% NEW replacement PETCOCK assembly for Vintage Yamaha AT,CT,DT,IT,RT,XT Trail Motorcycle Dirt Bike
  • Material:Zinc Alloy. the Petcock outlet inside dimension: 4mm
  • This is a non vacuum activated petcock, you have to shut it off when not in use 
  • PETCOCK assembly includes the following components: Petcock switch Primary copper gas pipe with filter screen Reserve gas pipe with filter screen Flanged ring seal
  • Features: Gas hose/line, no vacuum line as it is not required to operate 3 position swith: ON /OFF/REDERVE ON: allow you to operate with normal fill-ups OFF: completely shuts off gas flow when you are done riding RESEVE: allow you to access the lower portion of the gas tank when gas level is low
  • Yamaha
  • DT50 MX  81-93
  • FS1 87-92
  • RD50 MX 81-89
  • DT 80 MX 81-87
  • RD 80 MX 82-86
  • RXS 100 83-96
  • DT 125 LC 82-89
  • DTR 125 88-06
  • RD 125 82-88
  • SR125 82-03
  • RD 200 DX 74-78
  • RS 200 79-85
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