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Sunway Autoparts is a leading company, engaged in the production and supply of customized design, and manufacture of automobile spare parts, all over the world. We offer the high quality and cost-effective products like motorcycle petcock. You can contact them immediately for your requirements of fuel petcocks for the Vintage type of motorcycles at any time. The company offers motorcycle petcocks that can be installed on your vintage type of motorcycle.

Motorcycle Petcock is designed with a brass material to give you three positions that can work as a petcock valve for your motorcycle. It is known as petrol tap installed below the petrol tank of your motorcycle. The main function of this type of petcock is to regulate the supply of petrol from the tank to the carburetor of the engine. The petcock is normally marked with positions, On, Off and Reserve. The expertise of Sunway Auto Parts is that it produces three types of motorcycle petcocks. You can use these three types on your Matchless, Ajas and BSA type of motorcycles. These Motorcycle Petcocks can be fitted on to your Mini Classic type Motor Cycles and Scooters.