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Our Competitive Strength

Efficient team, perfect production line and complete modern production equipment including milling machines, grinding machine, electrical discharge machines, and injection molding machines, can provide you the needed auto parts and services in the first time.

Our in-house manufacturing process of rare classic parts includes mold tool design, custom fabrication and full inspections of finished parts. The core of quality control and strong manufacturing capability enables us to be more competitive, which includes superb mold-design, precise chrome plating and exquisite technological process in all parts fabricated.

in house manufacturing process of rare classic parts in Sunway autoparts
high quality plastic injection and mold tools for producing auto parts

Superb Mold-design

As an outstanding manufacturer in producing high-quality plastic injection molded parts and mold tools, our success is to deliver excellent products in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost.

We pioneered the manufacture of extruded die steel, and continue to attain new standards of OE quality. We guarantee obvious precision and reliability.

How We Process

Preliminary Work

When we receive the sample you give to us, the primary job is to measure material shrinkage parameters, part rotation and tip positions, and what standard components are going to be used.

the tool for measuring material shrinkage parameters

3D Drawing

3D Drawing makes it substantially easier to achieve standardization and synchronization across design and manufacturing, resulting in fewer errors, speeding up delivery, and obtaining more reliable results.

3D drawing for the auto parts design

Mould Making

Our master technician is experienced in strong mold making. Additionally, we use electrical discharge machining to produce fine detail surface finish work and intricate cavities and shapes, which help the finished products to very close tolerances.

Electrical discharge machining to produce fine detail

Hand Polishing

Our workers perform hands on polishing to achieve top quality in a timely manner, achieving the mold dimensional accuracy and productivity, according to instructions and engineering drawings.

The worker perform hands on polishing to achieve top quality for auto part

Injection Moulding

Molten resin is injected under high pressure into the cavity of a metal die and then cooled, forming a solid shape. But firstly, we will dry the plastic material to prevent bubbles which makes the finished more notable

Perfect injection molding for good look of finished goods

Quality Control

With rigid material verification and quality processes we can ensure your parts exceed your expectations. 100% tested and processed to conform to the OE quality standards.

Rigid material verification processed to quality
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Precise Chrome Plating applied in motorcycle

Precise Chrome Plating

Using chrome plating technology is more reflective, bluer, and specular than other finishes.

it is a long involved process that often starts with tedious polishing and buffing, then cleaning and acid dipping, zincating (if the part is aluminum), and copper plating. The technology of vacuum metalizing & metallic coatings is extremely remarkable in our production.

A chrome surface also resists corrosion, making it suitable for use in harsh environments or where other plating materials would wear away, exposing the substrate metal to corrosion attack.

Exquisite Technological Process

A complete series of production for a part is not an easy task, so it’s necessary to work together closely with different manufacturers. Sunway has cooperated with well-reputated manufacturers for many years, and we will do our best to reach parts quality equal to the original standard, from pressing, soldering, spraying, to assembling and delivering. And we have professional warehouse management for stock.

professional warehouse management for stock

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