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At Sunway Autoparts, we manufacture, source, and supply quality truck parts wholesale. We are dedicated truck part suppliers to many leading wholesalers, retailers, and truck repair shops and garages. Our product options include:

Vintage Truck Parts
You only need to present us with specific details or a sample of the vintage truck parts for sale. If we do not have it, we will source it for you from our network of classic truck part suppliers.

Aftermarket Truck Parts
We manufacture aftermarket truck parts for a wide variety of truck models. Each of them is designed to work and fit exactly the same way that an OEM part works.

Custom Truck Parts
Our custom truck parts and accessories are manufactured based entirely on your specifications. They are ideal for personalized decorations such as special lighting or modifying the mechanical or performance aspects of trucks.

Aftermarket Pick-Up Parts
Sunway Autoparts produces aftermarket pick-up parts that are replicas of the original parts of different pick-up models.

Custom Pick-Up Accessories
Custom pick-up accessories are parts that are tailor-made to our buyer’s preferences. While the basic structure of the pick-up part may remain the same, we can make modifications to the size, material composition, or other aspects to meet your unique needs. We can also help you develop a suitable custom pick-up part design.

Aftermarket Heavy Duty Truck Parts
We offer high-performing aftermarket parts for the day-to-day maintenance of heavy-duty trucks. Our collection offers solutions for different truck models. We can also source alternative heavy-duty truck parts upon request.

Truck Parts For Multiple Truck Brands and Models

Our truck parts are designed for a variety of truck brands and models including but not limited to:

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Benefits of Sunway's Custom Truck Parts Wholesale

For Auto Parts Factories
  • Premium Quality OE and Aftermarket Truck Parts
  • Friendly Pricing
  • Custom Solutions
For Wholesalers and Distributors
  • Truck Parts Variety
  • Quality Truck Parts
  • Reliable Service
For Retailers and Truck Repair Shop
  • Comprehensive Service
  • Product Sourcing
  • Value for Money

Custom and Aftermarket Truck Parts Supplier in China

Custom truck parts are parts that have modified design details. We offer modifications such as unique finishes, or altered shapes and dimensions to achieve a specific desired outcome.

Aftermarket truck parts, on the other hand, are manufactured to match the structure and dimensions of original manufacturer truck parts. They are also commonly referred to as replacement parts.

Our factory is equipped with cutting-edge technology and machinery. This gives us complete control of truck part manufacturing processes. Subsequently, we produce highly accurate aftermarket truck parts, and our design and engineering experts will implement your custom design requests to the finest detail.

Sourcing Truck Parts? Choose Sunway!

Between costs, quality, and other variables, finding the right truck parts can be quite difficult. Sunway Autoparts is committed to changing that narrative. We have tailor-made our services to make sourcing truck parts a hustle-free process and here is how:

Over the years we have worked hard to build a strong reliable supply network in the industry. This has given us access to an unmatched variety of truck parts suppliers. Subsequently, anytime you need a hard-to-find part, we can easily find it for you and negotiate decent prices.

On manufacturing, we have invested in modern CNC milling machines, grinders, injection molding, and electrical discharge machines. Due to most of our production processes being automated, we are able to produce high-standard OEM parts and customize them too, upon request. Occasionally, we also work with a limited list of trusted factories to produce truck parts that may require more resources.

Our final and perhaps most important production step is quality inspection. We have a team of quality control experts equipped with cutting-edge technological tools that inspect every single truck part. They evaluate their dimensions, structure, among other details to ensure that our customers receive premium quality truck parts.

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