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Sunway Autoparts is an Iveco parts supplier that’s located in China and we are passionate about helping our clients find the right Iveco auto parts to maintain their vehicles. We are capable of molding and customizing all forms of Iveco accessories, including those that were predominantly used in the 1900s. Our dedication and versatility have made us grow into one of the best B2B classic Iveco parts suppliers in the world.

We have a high-tech production facility where we manufacture all kinds of quality and affordable Iveco accessories. Also, we have strong connections with several Iveco parts dealers, so you can be rest assured that all the accessories needed for your business will be provided.

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Benefits of Sunway’s Iveco Wholesale Parts

For Auto Parts Factories
  • With us as your B2B supplier, you will have access to premium quality original equipment and Iveco aftermarket parts, custom solutions, profitable pricing, and access to a wide range of products, including hard-to-find parts.
For Auto Parts Distributors and Wholesalers
  • Distributors and wholesalers who supply consumers our Iveco parts are guaranteed high-performing and less-expensive products, custom solutions, one-stop service, and efficient product sourcing services for hard-to-find parts.
For Garages and Retailers
  • Garages and retailers have access to high-quality and affordable Iveco aftermarket parts that provide custom solutions for car upgrades. We also provide pre and after-sale support.

Iveco Parts Fabrication in Our Factory

We are a classic Iveco parts supplier that prioritizes quality. All our activities are done in-house in our high-tech factory, and we have a specialized team that inspects the fabrication processes to ensure quality. This enables us to provide Iveco accessories that are not below the original-grade quality. We also have a long-standing network with reputable Iveco parts dealers that we can source rare parts that are not located in our factory from.

Sourcing Iveco Parts? Work with Sunway!

At Sunway, we provide all forms of Iveco auto parts, including those that were originally built years ago. Below are reasons why you should choose us.

Strong Supply Chain for Hard-to-Find Parts

We have a strong supply chain for sourcing all types of car parts, including hard-to-find parts that are no longer in the market.

Manufacturing Classic Iveco Parts with Trusted Fabricators

Our factory is filled with top-of-the-line machineries that are used in manufacturing vintage Iveco parts. We work closely with trusted fabricators to meet your business Iveco accessories needs.

OEM Design and Fabrication for Custom Iveco Parts

Based on the sample we are provided with, our mold design team makes OEM designs. From this, we fabricate molds that are similar and replicate your Iveco auto parts needs.

Professional Quality Control Team

We have a professional quality control team that ensures that every part is meticulously measured and weighed to match the original sample design’s dimensions, and only the flawless parts are approved for packaging.


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