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Dealing with auto spare parts would be no easy task. It would take adequate time and hard work to seek the correct spare part for any Opel car. Every car needs repairs and the replacement of spare parts at some point. Sunway Autoparts is a professional supplier of Opel Spare Parts, supplying various brand new Opel parts at a reasonable price. With a variety of Opel Spare Parts, including Opel Headlight, Opel Tail Light, Opel Brake Shoes, and many more.

Our company is among the best manufacturers of classic Opel parts, which means that you can be assured of the high quality of our parts. We aim to provide the best classic Opel auto parts with OEM quality at its most competitive price.

Vintage Opel Parts

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    Sunway offers genuine Opel spare parts open for retail and wholesale purchase. The company provides a diverse selection of spare parts for Opel car models that are of premium quality and very affordable.

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Why Sunway’s Opel Wholesale Parts

For Auto Parts Factories
  • Sunway provides premium quality Original Equipment and Aftermarket parts. Offering custom solutions to Opel car's needs with a wide range of products to choose from.
For Auto Parts Distributors and Wholesalers
  • For those who are distributors and wholesalers who want to benefit from Sunway's stock, you can enjoy a wholesale discount from our company. Well, make sure that you are given the most competitive price from us. We provide OEM and ODM services, as well as excellent custom solutions and hard-to-find parts.
For Garage and Retailers
  • For those who are garage owners and retailers, you can rest assured that Sunway can provide products that are competitively priced yet reliable and of top quality. Offering you custom solutions for car upgrades are available as well.

Classic Opel Parts Fabrication Compliant to OE Requirements

With the company’s years of experience, Sunway provides OEM quality parts and strives to source the finest quality materials and workmanship to supply the highest possible quality parts.


The parts are machined and assembled by our staff in-house, which enables us to maintain quality control throughout the production. We guarantee that our product prices are reasonably low, which enables you to keep your costs under control yet still have the original-grade quality that we stand by. 


With competitive prices and good service, Sunway is the Opel Spare Parts manufacturer of choice for classic Opel cars.

Sourcing Vintage Opel Parts? Anytime!

Sunway has been the preferred supplier of OEM Opel Parts in China. The company offers top-quality parts at a competitive price. Offering great experience in locating parts that are hard to find and, in some cases, impossible to find. Designing and manufacturing unique parts for Opel cars are all part of Sunway work. Below are some other reasons why you should choose us.


● Strong Supply Chain for Hard-to-Find Parts

● Manufacturing Classic Opel Parts with Trusted Fabricators

● OEM Design and Fabrication for Custom Opel Parts

● Professional Quality Control Team


The company always cherishes the opportunity of earning your trust and confidence. This is accomplished through a combination of great quality, competitive pricing, and excellent service. Sunway is committed to offering products of exceptional quality and service to its customers and business partners.

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