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Sunway Autoparts specializes in manufacturing and supplying hard-to-find parts and accessories for all models of Porsche. From OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to high-quality aftermarket parts, Sunway Autoparts has a large selection. Sunway Autoparts is continually growing and expanding through OEM orders and aftermarket parts. The company consists of a large engineering team that specializes in the research and development of Porsche parts.

Sunway Autoparts has a large warehouse that houses aftermarket parts to enable fast dispatch of orders. When an aim of supply high-quality parts for Porsche in all models, using the best materials and is dedicated to the supply of genuine Porsche parts for wholesale and aftermarket.

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Benefits from Sunway’s Porsche Wholesale Parts

For Auto Parts Factories
  • The parts are made to original factory specifications, with a complete set of mould, etc. Or Meanwhile, we are able to propose to you a new concept of development.
  • We offer all kinds of parts to expand your business and reputation. We can help you increase your customer base, increase your sales and profits, and build your brand name.
For Auto Parts Distributors and Wholesalers
  • We can provide the best quality original and aftermarket Porsche parts and provide you with the most cost-effective and convenient one-stop services.
  • Affordable pricing, excellent products, rapid response, custom solutions, one-stop service, and no longer production components are all assured to distributors and wholesalers that provide end-users with our Porsche wholesale parts.
For Garages and Retailers
  • We can provide the best quality and reasonably priced Original Porsche Parts to meet your demand.
  • We have worked with many body shops, car salons, and auto parts stores for many years, and we are your best partner.
  • We are your first choice when you have any demand for Porsche parts. We are open to custom solutions for car upgrades and auto repair parts and can provide professional advice for your business.

Porsche Parts Fabrication for Original-grade Quality

To ensure that all parts are reliable and of the highest quality, Sunway Autoparts have an in-house Quality Control Department.


This ensures that all parts have been tested and checked by a qualified person to ensure that the parts you receive are in perfect working order.

Sunway Autoparts carries a variety of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts for Porsche vehicles. OEM parts are those parts that are sold by vehicle manufacturers. If you’re looking for Porsche genuine parts, we also work with a number of Porsche parts vendors, so you can be confident that you’ll be able to get all of the wholesale Porsche parts you require for your company.

Sourcing Bulk Porsche Parts? Work with Sunway!

As a well-established and recognized supplier of high-quality aftermarket parts, Sunway Autoparts can provide a high level of expertise and high-quality parts. Here are some more reasons why you should work with us.

Strong Supply Chain for Hard-to-Find Parts

When you submit us with your Porsche part requirements, we leverage our extensive supply network to locate them for you. We have partners who supply us with a wide range of car parts, even those that are difficult to locate.

Manufacturing Classic Porsche Parts with Trusted Fabricators

Our factory is equipped with cutting-edge machinery used in the production of classic Porsche parts. We collaborate with reputable fabricators to create your customized wholesale Porsche components.

OEM Design and Fabrication for Custom Porsche Parts

Our mold design team creates OEM designs based on the sample provided to us. We then create comparable molds to capture all of your Porsche parts requests.

Professional Quality Control Team

We have a competent quality control staff that assures there are no structural flaws and that only perfect items are allowed for packaging. Lastly, we have a professional Quality Control Team that ensures that all parts have been properly checked and tested to meet the highest standard.


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