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01 Profitable Pricing for Your Automotive Parts Wholesale Business

Sunway Autoparts can be your reliable auto parts manufacturer that offers great deal prices in wholesale because we want to support your company in gaining more. This is a win-win situation for Sunway and its business partners, for we always want to ensure that you will achieve your profit goals.

parts of work of flawless injection mold
the process of die steel molding

02 A Wide Array of Aftermarket Auto Parts

Our company offers a variety of OEM auto parts, which will benefit our business clients. We have it all, from auto lights, engine parts, body and accessories, transmission light, up to signal lights. More than that, Sunway Autoparts can customize auto parts wholesale by simply submitting your specifications to us.

03 Turnkey Services from a Chinese Auto Part Supplier

Sunway Autoparts are known for OEM auto parts design and fast delivery. Thanks to our advanced machines, now our customers can easily get the parts they need. In case that the spare auto part needs to be made right away, we can always help create a new mold and guarantee that we have a fast turnover of deliveries through our trusted channels.

dimension measurements to a headlight

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