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One-Stop Classic Auto Parts Supplier in China

At Sunway Autoparts, we treasure classic vehicles and are passionate about helping our clients find the right parts to maintain them. Our dedication and robust supplier network have seen us grow into top-of-the-line B2B classic car parts suppliers in China. Some of the products we deliver include:

  • Hard-to-find classic auto parts wholesale
  • Aftermarket classic auto parts wholesale
  • OEM classic auto parts wholesale

Our team of vintage car experts customizes and services a wide variety of classic vehicle parts at our high-tech manufacturing facility. We also source hard-to-find and one-of-a-kind vintage parts for our clients through our vast supplier network.

Auto Parts For Multiple Vintage Car Brands and Models

Our selection of classic parts comprises parts for different models of classic vehicles including but not limited to:

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Benefits of Sunway's Custom and Wholesale Classic Auto Parts

For Auto Parts Factories
  • Quality OEM Aftermarket Classic Parts
  • A Variety of Vintage Car Accessories
  • Custom Solutions
For Wholesalers and Distributors
  • Outstanding Quality of Classic Car Accessories
  • All-Inclusive Services
  • Classic Auto Parts Variety
For Garages and Retailers
  • Custom solutions
  • Friendly Prices
  • Parts Sourcing

Sourcing Classic Auto Parts? Choose Sunway

Vintage cars are phenomenal and can still run incredibly when they are properly maintained. That can, however, be a challenge because the auto parts of most classic models are no longer manufactured or only available from a handful of suppliers. Fortunately, at Sunway Autoparts, we harness our skill in manufacturing auto parts and our supplier networks, to ensure you find any classic part that you need for your wholesale or repairing business.

The fully fitted Sunway Autoparts factory and our team of expert staff equip us to accurately produce OEM classic parts. We use the same materials, dimensions, and design used by the original manufacturer to produce a part that is a perfect replacement. We also customize classic auto parts upon request.

Our extensive supply network connects us with auto parts suppliers internationally. As such, when you order a rare vintage vehicle part from us, we consult our supplier network to find it for you. When the right part is located, we go further to negotiate a reasonable price on your behalf and finalize the purchase with your consent.

Every classic auto part, whether made in-house or sourced externally, is carefully tested and inspected to confirm that it meets our stipulated quality standards before it is dispatched.

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