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Car Wheel Rim Manufacturer in China

Car wheels are fundamental to the safety and performance of any vehicle. That is why we, at Sunway Autoparts, design and manufacture premium quality car wheel rims that assure users of great performance in all kinds of terrain. As a leading car alloy wheel manufacturer and steel wheel manufacturer in China, we design and produce automotive wheel rims for a wide variety of car, truck, and motorcycle models.

Do you or your customers prefer the efficiency of custom auto wheels for racing or a car upgrade? We cater to that too. Simply provide us with the dimensions and we will customize them for you. In the rare event that we do not have the car wheels that you require, do not fret, we will source them for you at an affordable price.

Car Wheel Rim Materials, Production, and Quality

The Sunway Autoparts factory is equipped with top-of-the-range CNC machines, milling machines, drills/EDM machines, and forging equipment. We, therefore, specialize in manufacturing top-quality forged car wheels and cast car wheels.

Forged car wheels are made by heating solid metal(a billet) and applying pressure to mold it into the desired auto wheel shape. They cost more but are ideal for vehicles like sports cars that require high-performance wheels.

Cast wheels, on the other hand, are made by heating metal into a molten state and pouring it into a wheel-shaped mold. The molten mold then solidifies and takes the shape of a wheel. Cast wheels are ideal for smooth to average terrain.

In both approaches, we use high-precision CNC machines, mills, and EDM machines/drills to cut off excess metal and add detailed finishes to the wheel design. All Sunway car wheels undergo extensive quality and performance testing.

Our Strong Supply Chain Helps Reduce Car Wheel Rim Costs

We manufacture an extensive selection of car wheel designs for a wide variety of vehicle models. However, we acknowledge that you may occasionally require car wheel solutions for classic designs or models outside our scope. As such, we have working partnerships with other car wheel manufacturers and suppliers that can supply us with such parts.

As opposed to sourcing hard-to-find car wheel designs on your own and paying a premium price, simply let us know what you need and we will source it for you. Our strong supply chain gives us access to many hard-to-find car wheel options and our partnerships enable us to negotiate discounted prices on your behalf.

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OEM/Aftermarket Auto Wheel Design and Supply For Extensive Vehicles

We have over 12 years of experience in the auto parts industry. Our state-of-the-art factory run by our highly-skilled staff enables us to produce a wide variety of automotive car wheels for:

  • Modern Cars
  • Classic Cars
  • Trucks
  • Classic Pick-up Trucks
  • Motorcycles

Can't Find The Part? We Can Custom It!

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