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Motorcycle Parts and Accessories Wholesale

At Sunway Autoparts, we are passionate about all things motorcycles. From the modern to the classic, we are motorcycle parts manufacturers and wholesalers dedicated to helping you find the right motorcycle parts for your needs. We currently supply our products to manufacturers, distributors, retailers, repair shops among other B2B partners.

Our products include:

  • Classic motorcycle parts
  • Custom motorcycle parts
  • Aftermarket motorcycle parts

Our team comprises innovative design and engineering experts with extensive experience in manufacturing motorcycle parts. Through their expertise and our well-equipped factory, we can manufacture OEM and ODM motorcycle parts and offer all-inclusive customization services.

Part and Accessories For Multiple Motorbike Brands and Models

We pride ourselves on being an all-inclusive B2B supplier. In keeping with this, we supply motorcycle parts for different brands and models including but not limited to:

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Benefits Of Sunway's Motorcycle Parts

For Auto Parts Factories
  • Premium Quality OE and Aftermarket Parts
  • Customization Options
  • Friendly Pricing
For Auto Parts Distributors and Wholesalers
  • Reliable Support
  • Product Variety
  • Fair Pricing
  • Comprehensive Services
For Motorcycle Garages and Motorcycle Part Retailers
  • Access to Custom Solutions
  • Quality Parts
  • Fair Prices

Motorcycle Parts Fabrication For Original-Grade Quality

Sunway Autoparts aftermarket motorcycle parts are fabricated to deliver the same functionality and user experience as you would get from an original manufacturer’s part. The secret behind their remarkable quality is precision.

We harness technology and the expertise of our staff to design and manufacture high-accuracy molds. These molds are then used for injection molding the parts. After which the finer motorcycle part details are perfected using computer-controlled electrical discharge machines.

Sourcing Motorcycle Parts? Work With Sunway!

Finding the right motorcycle parts makes a world of difference for the end-user. They play a significant role in the performance of the motorbike, the safety of the rider, and the lifespan of the motorcycle. This is why we are so committed to offering dependable motorcycle parts solutions.

Working with us gives you access to one-stop motorcycle solutions and services. We manufacture, distribute, and source premium quality motorcycle parts. If you can’t find what you need on our vast product catalog, we can easily custom-make it for you in-house. We also have a robust supplier network through which we can source vintage motorcycle parts for sale at fair prices.

Our motorcycle parts fabrication facility is fitted with top-of-the-line CNC milling machines, injection molding equipment, and electrical discharge machines. This enables us to deliver OEM part fabrications with great accuracy and within short turn-around times.

Do you need custom solutions? We handle those too. Our design and engineering teams will help you develop or improve upon your requested custom motorcycle solutions. The approved design will then proceed to the fabrication stage. We have strict quality controls that ensure every motorcycle part meets our stringent standards.

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