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Auto Lamp Manufacturer in China

Sunway Autoparts is an industry-leading aftermarket automotive lights manufacturer and distributor based in China. It’s because only we know the right way to make them – from the raw material purchase to every step in manufacturing including spot welding, vacuum coating, spray, glass glue, and all parts of the assembly that we supervise carefully.

Our standard is anything but average: we use only high-quality OEM materials and our company name stands for extremely precise manufacturing. As a result, they deliver outstanding lighting that is bright, consistent and does not cause blinding glares. We supply auto parts to factories, retailers, wholesalers, and distributors worldwide. What’s great about Sunway is that we cater to OEM products and we even offer customization services if you need vintage and hard-to-find car lamps that are not on our list.

  • Auto Lamp Factory for One-stop Wholesale Source

    Here in Sunway, we offer car lights wholesale. Our vintage car lamps for sale are made from high-standard raw materials and go through a lean, precise manufacturing process. As a result, the brightness of our car lamps is consistent and does not cause blinding glares.

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  • Cost-effective Car Parts for Retailers

    Sunway Autoparts provide aftermarket car lamps for retailers and this benefits our business clients due to cost-efficiency. Now, our customers can get great discounts on their wholesale orders plus we have a wide range of car lamp price selections for various makes and models.

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  • Custom Car Lighting for Auto Parts Factories

    Sunway Autoparts uses precision manufacturing techniques to ensure that the automotive lamp design we produce has the correct dimensions. Moreover, we guarantee that our raw materials are hand-picked to make sure that they are of the highest standard.

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  • Benefits of Sunway Car Lights For Repair Businesses

    Repair shops tend to have a hard time sourcing a wide range of modern and classic auto parts. Here in Sunway Autoparts, we offer vintage car lamps for sale in a wide variety. We can guarantee you that we always can produce and help source what you need.

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Car Light Customization For Your OEM/ODM Orders

We are well-experienced in handling custom OEM/ODM car light orders for different car models.

Our automotive lighting experts oversee all the processes at our Sunway factory, from car light mold design to mold making and auto light fabrication. This ensures that your desired design and final car lights are executed with great precision.

Reach out to us with your list of requirements and we will develop the right custom auto lights solution for you. Simply tell us what you need, such as:

  • ● Brand
  • ● Model
  • ● Headlight or taillight types (LED/HID/Halogen)
  • ● And other specs


Start Your OEM/ODM Project

In-House Car Light Manufacturing

The Sunway Autoparts factory is fitted with best-in-class machinery to facilitate our technology-driven manufacturing techniques. Consequently, we are able to handle all our car light production processes in-house and have complete control over the quality of our automotive lights.

Many years of experience in the business and our staff’s innovation further equips us to offer improved modern and diverse solutions. Our LED car lights, for example, are optimized to provide energy-efficient high-performance lighting. Our team is also skilled in developing and executing original car light designs for any type of car light or car brand.

We have streamlined our production processes to keep costs low. This allows us to offer you affordable lighting while maintaining high-quality standards. Plus, we have a dedicated quality control department that monitors all aspects of our manufacturing processes. They inspect and test each unit of lighting before it is packaged.

Our Sophisticated Supply Chain Helps Lower Car Light Costs

Our automobile lighting catalog is quite diverse both in terms of the types of automotive lights we offer and the models we cater to. Nevertheless, we maintain relationships with car lights suppliers from all over the world.

Through this far-reaching supply chain, we are able to source any hard-to-find car lighting solution that you may require. We present to you the options that we find within a short turn-around time and can help you identify the best one for your application. We would then proceed to negotiate a fair price with our suppliers and ensure that you receive the part.

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Lighting Solutions For Extensive Vehicles

Sunny Autoparts offers a broad range of vehicle lights. They are ideal for various automotive models and vehicle types including:

  • Modern and Classic Cars
  • Trucks
  • Classic Pickup Truck
  • Modern and Classic Motorcycles

Can't Find The Part? We Can Custom It!

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