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Top 6 Automotive Led Light Manufacturers In China

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The generation of LEDs in the lighting market has directed the industry into a new aspect of stiff competition, giving rise to net profits and business models. Creativity and Innovation have been a boost in the industry. In order to endure these difficult market conditions, many companies have turned to specialize in lighting markets, such as automotive LED lighting which has good returns. 

LED automotive lighting in China has a lower market penetration rate due to costs incurred, barriers in technology, and low market demands. From a worldwide perspective of the automotive lighting market, most partnerships between local companies and foreign companies in China’s automotive industry consist of reliable automotive lighting suppliers. Let us have a quick look at top Automotive Led Light Manufacturers In China.

1. Sunway Auto Parts

Sunway Autoparts logo


Since automotive Led light became a trend in most cars, Sunway Auto Parts were not left behind. They became one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality automotive Led light in the industry. Sunway is a china based company that was launched in 2007 to focus more on methods to make sure your car looks good and operational.

Sunways manufactures different types of automotive led light including headlights, fog lamps, tail lights, and even headlight rims. All these products are manufactured with high expertise to come up with good qualities that will satisfy your needs. They do deliveries both locally and internationally at an affordable price. Don’t hesitate to source your products from Sunway.

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2. Shanghai Koito Automotive Lamp

Shanghai Koito Automotive Lamp


Shanghai Koito Automotive Lamp is located in China and was established in 1989. It is a collaboration between two companies, top Japanese automotive manufacturer Koito Manufacturing and Shanghai Huayu Automotive Systems. Koito Manufacturing is also a member of Toyota’s vertically integrated supply chain and has been the sole automotive lighting distributor with the highest annual headlight revenue.

Shanghai Koito is a leading automotive LED lighting manufacturer in China. It has a yearly production capacity of 3 million headlight assemblies, 39.83 million on total automotive lighting product sales. It operates manufacturing bases in China in Jilin Province, and cities like Chongqing, Yantai, and Changzhou. They also manufacture not less than 500 types of car lights, which mainly entail headlights, taillights, signal lights, brake lights, and all types of lighting.

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3. Changzhou Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems

Changzhou Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems


  • Region: Changzhou City, China
  • Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier
  • Year of establishment: 1993
  • Major Products: headlights, tail lights, and signal lights
  • Brand Served: Audi, Chevrolet, BMW, Volvo, and more

Changzhou Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems was established in 1993 in Changzhou City, China. They are committed to manufacturing and supplying automotive Led Light in all parts of the world. With their over 25 years of experience, and have been the largest manufacturer and supplier of domestic automotive Led lights in China. They cover a large market in most parts of the world including German, Japanese, American, French, and many independent Chinese automakers. 

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4. CNlight



CNlight was launched in 1992 and is located in Foshan, Guangdong Province in China. It currently employs more than 2,000 workers and has constructed a manufacturing base in Suning, Sichuan Province. CNlight is the leading company in China’s HID headlight market, and its sole operations combine LED lighting, automotive lighting, air purifiers, water treatment, UV sterilization, and other sectors.

 CNlight company has certain added advantages in China, it also has more than 43 HID lamp patents. CNlight company is ranked third worldwide and is the only Asian automotive-led lighting company to have passed automotive accessory OEM authorization. That is enough to guarantee you quality and certified products. CNlight also has a partnership with Chery, Jac Motors, Hawtai Automobile, Geely, Brilliance Auto Group, Changan Automotive, and other car manufacturers on HID automotive led lighting.

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5. NSSC Group

NSSC Group


NSSC Group is a china based company dealing with automotive-led light manufacturing and was established in 2002. The NSSC Group is one of the trusted automotive LED & HID lights manufacturers in China. It is focused on supplying the best quality products at an affordable price to ordinary customers in the world making expensive LED/HID auto lights.

It has an over 86,000 sq. ft. facility with one sales office in Korea and one distribution center in Europe. Currently, they have employed over 250 experienced workers in production lines and over 30 professional engineers to provide technical guidance and supervision. They ship their quality products to all parts of the world. All deliveries are made on time and at an affordable price.

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6. Guangzhou Unionlux Lighting Co., Limited

Guangzhou Unionlux Lighting Co., Limited


In 2006 Guangzhou Unionlux Lighting Co., Limited was launched. It is currently the leading Car Lighting Company in China. At the start, Unionlux was producing HID Xenon products. It later established a Flashlight Manufacturer Department in 2009 Which focused on HID and LED Flashlight. 

The following year, 2010, they established the  LED Car Light Manufacturing department in Guangzhou. They majorly focused on car LED lamps, and LED strip lights and in 2011 they established Sales Headquarters in Guangzhou. They also have a wide market covering the Americas, Europe, Japan, they are Universally Acknowledged by Customers.

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Having read about automotive Led Light manufacturers, we all have an idea of where to start from when in need of a good automotive Led light. A good quality product will automatically be durable and serve cars for quite some time. Consider quality over cost any time you go for automotive led lights customization or wholesale. For detailed information about led lighting feel free to reach us.

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