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Top 5 Auto Component Manufacturers in India

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Owning a car might cost the owner an arm and a leg but it is all worth it. Waking up so early to catch up with buses can be so hectic. Many people are resolving to buy cars even before pieces of land that were prioritized before. Cars come in handy in so many ways. That makes them a necessity and not a luxury. Thus, the demands for repairing and auto parts are increasing.

Car owners keep finding a reliable aftermarket auto parts manufacturers company and repair shop, which allows car parts retailers and shops that focus on offering quality parts to stand out. As for auto parts business owners, they should source premium auto parts from trusted manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the quality of their products and a good reputation. Some spare auto parts are hard to find, while others may take longer to ship. Here is a list of the best auto spare parts suppliers that retailers, repair shops, and auto parts brands’ owners may consider.

1. Sunway AutoParts

Sunway Autoparts logo


Sunway Autoparts has been in operation since 2007 when it was launched. It is a manufacturing and supplying company focusing on Auto parts in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. It has been one of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry for producing the best quality spare parts in both India and the world. All vintage cars with hard-to-find spares problems are all sorted out at Sunway auto parts.

Quality doesn’t come by coincidence. At Sunway auto parts manufacturing quality, spares have been on top of their list ever since its launch. They also partner with tested and trusted manufacturers with a good reputation in the industry. That’s enough to guarantee you an incredible auto spare to rely on. Again, they offer very competitive prices compared to other manufacturers.

Sunway Auto Parts is exceptional for the services they offer like giving a whole one-year warranty to all their products! Also, their shipping services are incredible, your order will reach you untampered and on time by DHL express. Out-of-market spares are all sorted at Sunway, they make the Auto part for you to fit your specification and function just like an original spare.

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2. Uno Minda

Uno Minda Logo


Uno Minda was founded in 1958. It has been one of the greatest companies dealing with auto parts in India. It started with a small capital back then and it’s now hitting over 1 billion USD turnover. Holding more than six decades of experience, UNO MINDA has made great contributions to the auto parts industry with high-quality products tailored for efficiency. They have a large market base consisting of 71 manufacturing plants in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Spain, Morocco, Mexico Colombia, Germany design centers in Taiwan, Japan & Spain sales offices in North America, Europe, and ASEAN Countries.

They have assigned a highly dedicated workforce of over 23000 team members. The Group has a headquarter in Manesar, Haryana, India. They also have more than 15 engineering, research, and development centers globally. With all that, quality cannot be a coincidence.

Technology and innovation are the two main ideas of UNO MINDA’s success. To have a culture that supports great ideas that can be the root for planning ingenious products, successfully manufactured to deliver value to customers is their guiding vision.

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3. Jamna Auto Industries

Jamna Auto Industries Logo


  • Region: Delhi, India
  • Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier
  • Year of establishment: 1954
  • Major Products: leaf and parabolic springs
  • Brand Served: BMW, Classic Honda, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, and more

Jamna Auto Industries was established in 1954 with its headquarters in Delhi, India. They are said to be the biggest auto parts manufacturer in India for automotive suspension springs. They have a larger market and their products are sold in more than 25 countries. They also run production units in five major cities.

For over 50 years, they have been a certified and trusted supplier of Leaf and Parabolic Springs to all major CV manufacturers all over. Jamna has been one of the main suppliers of leaf and parabolic springs in India. With the partnership of Ridewell Corporation based in the USA to come up with the most recent technology for the Air Suspension system in order to offer world-class ride comfort for buses. The suspension system is a highly vital component in commercial vehicles. For that matter, Jamna relies on constant technological innovation and adoption to provide the best services needed.

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4. Rane Holdings

Rane Holding logo


Rane Holdings manufactures auto parts for various parts and models of any vehicle. Their guiding vision has been To be a reliable, trusted, and quality supplier of Auto Components for the aftermarket. They are committed to delivering products with the highest quality and safety standards that are produced in environmentally and human-friendly processes.

Rane holding has been working to enhance its brand recognition in the Indian aftermarket for over the last decade and today, a strong brand of Rane Holding has hit the market. 

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5. Munjal Showa Ltd

Munjal Showa logo


  • Region: India
  • Company classification: Supplier
  • Year of establishment: 1985
  • Major Products: shock absorbers and struts for leading two-wheelers and four-wheelers, and more aftermarket parts
  • Brand Served: Audi, Chevrolet, BMW, Volvo, and more

Munjal Showa Ltd was founded in 1985 in partnership with Japan-based Showa Corporation.

It is one of India’s largest suppliers of shock absorbers and provides clients in many countries like India, Japan, Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom. They have a motivated team focused on their core business, customer needs, and satisfaction. They work day and night to ensure all their achievements are met before the deadline. Their products are also shipped globally making it easy to deliver any order worldwide.

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It is important that you take into consideration the accessibility of the OEM/aftermarket auto parts you need to source before launching an auto parts business. Consider reliable companies like the Sunway auto spare parts which deliver worldwide. Especially importing hard-to-find auto parts and classic auto parts, you need a supplier having a strong supply network to offer car parts timely. Get more information about auto parts here.

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