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What Are Euro and LED Car Tail Lights?

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Whether you run a car repair, dealership, or offer restoration solutions, it is important that you are knowledgeable of every part of a car. The more you know, the easier it will be to run your automotive business. A key piece of information that you should know is the key characteristics of Euro and LED car tail lights. This article is meant to answer whatever questions you may have on Euro and Car tail lights. This blog will show all you need to to know about Euro and LED car lights. 

What are Euro Tail Lights?

Old Style Tail Lights
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Euro tail lights are a style of lighting that was first created in the 1950s and was used by European car manufacturers. The European car tail light was known for its distinctive style and used an incandescent light source. The style was mostly known for its elegant and smooth designs. 

In general, these lights were predominantly used for luxury vehicles. Nowadays euro-style tail lights have become more commonplace, and tail lamp suppliers can create this new style of euro tail lights in bulk now.


What sets the Euro lights apart from the LED car tail lights, is the fact that they are more than just a lighting method. They are a lighting style that has been used in Europe for decades and has even come to designate the car light styles of the continent, thus the designation European style. The key features of the Euro tail light design are more complex shapes that almost look like projector lights. 

A key feature of Euro tail light design is that they are designated to black, smoke, clear. Don’t be confused though. These terms merely refer to the assembly of the tail lights and the color of the lens covers.

Pros and Cons

The main advantage of using Euro car tail lights is that they are a very unique lighting style, and are usually synonymous with luxury cars. Remember that European cars are usually associated with luxury, and the distinctive design of the Euro car tail lights gives credence to this. 

The only key disadvantage of the Euro-style is that its lighting quality is nowhere near as good as its LED counterparts. This is nothing against the Euro-style of course. Its light is perfectly effective and will complete all the necessary needs of any car owner. While Euro car tail lights were custom made back in the day, they can now be bought from various wholesale retailers.

Market Trends

If we are going to talk about the market trends of the Euro car light style, remember that the car tail light design is more of a style than an actual lighting style. When it comes to popularity, Euro car tail lights are more of a novelty and are not as mainstream as their LED counterparts. Overall, when it comes to market trends the Euro-style is used for styling purposes rather than for mass-produced cars. In the past few decades though, more modern car designs have started mass-producing custom-made tail lights that use the Euro-Style. 

What are LED Tail lights?

LED Tail Lights
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The main difference between the Euro car tail light, and the LED is the fact that the Euro-style is more of a design, whereas the LED tail lights are more of a lighting method. The LED tail light is far more advanced compared to its European counterpart. Its name is derived from its light source, which means Light Emitting Diode. Due to their use of LED lights, they are far more modern and are less expensive to manufacture. 


If you are interested in using the LED car tail light option for your own car services, you should know the key features that you will be investing in. Compared to the more ostentatious design of Euro car tail lights, the LED car tail lights are more compact and could be used for customization methods. While the Euro-style may seem more luxurious, due to its long history, however, you should not underestimate the styling potential of LED car tail lights.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to the pros and cons of using LED car tail lights, you should know that the LED lighting methods are a great deal more cost and energy-efficient compared to their European counterparts. LED car tail lights have far fewer features, which makes them more economical in the long run. LED lights take far less time to light up, and are almost instantaneous once you turn them on. As a whole, LED car tail lights are a great deal more efficient than the Euro car tail lights. If you are going to invest in LED lights, it is best that you buy them in bulk because they are a lot cheaper, and could be used for custom services. 

Market trends

A key selling point of the LED car tail lights is the fact that it is a lot easier to use, and is a great deal more efficient when it comes to energy consumption and customization. When it comes to market trends, LED car tail lights are far more popular, and used by a majority of car manufacturers. 

While the Euro-style is far more beautiful and unique, the LED car tail light’s efficiency and customizability make it a popular option. 

Euro VS LED Car Tail Lights

If you are going to choose between Euro car tail lights and LED car tail lights for your business, you should know the key characteristics of the two options, and what sets them apart from one another. As a whole, there are many key differences between EURO car tail lights and LED car tail lights. To simplify things here is a short list of the key characteristics of EURO car lights, and LED car tail lights.

EURO car light characteristics

  • The Euro car tail lights have a more ostentatious and unique design. 
  • The designs are considered classics and are popular with car owners who love to tweak their car designs. 
  • It is more known for its style rather than its light source.
  • It uses a far less efficient incandescent light source.
  • It has a unique projection beam design.

LED car light characteristics

  • LED car tail lights utilize a far more efficient lighting source known as LED or Light-emitting diode.
  •  It has a compact design that allows you to customize your car tail light design more effectively. 
  • Due to their compact design, LED lights are capable of taking vibrations a lot better. This makes them perfect for traveling through uneven terrain.


After reading this article, you are expected to know the features, history, advantages, and disadvantages of Euro and LED car lights. 

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