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What are Different Types of Tail Lights

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When it comes to doing business in the automobile industry, it is important that you know the key parts of the vehicle, and to distinguish them according to their design, uses, and how they are assembled. 

Before you start any kind of business that deals with car repair, restoration, and anything involving car repair solutions, you should know the kinds of tail lights. Remember that tail lights are essential to keeping a car as safe as possible

This article is meant to show you the kinds of tail lights, their main uses, costs, and overall design. With this article, you’ll be able to distinguish the kinds of tail lights, and what they have to offer your business.

LED car tail lights

Red Tail lights in parking lot
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When it comes to modern lighting methods, LED or Light Emitting Diodes are a key aspect. What makes LED lighting so favorable for car lighting methods, is that it is a great deal more efficient when it comes to power usage. Due to its versatility and energy efficiency, it is rapidly gaining popularity as a car light option. This type of lighting is often used as turn signals, headlights, and headlights. 

The main reason why LED car tail lights are so popular for these applications is that it has less glare and is much better for these uses. Due to the LED light’s versatile nature, it is gradually used as blinkers, fog lights, and brake lights. What really sets LED lights apart from their contemporaries though, is their long-lasting nature. Some LED lights are so long-lasting, they may even outlast the cars they are installed to. 

LED lights are particularly useful as brake lights because they have a faster rising time compared to the old incandescent type of lighting. Remember that brake lights are used to signal oncoming cars at your rear that you are slowing down, and that they should slow down as well. This function makes LED car tail lights an extremely important tool for car safety. You are running a car business, so it important that you buy your LED lights in bulk. By buying your LED lights wholesale, you will be able to fully focus on your car repair business, without having to worry about resupplying constantly 

Fiber optic tail lights 

Red Tail lights in traffic
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When it comes to energy efficiency, LED lights are by far the most efficient. However, if you want a truly powerful kind of car tail light, then the fiber optic car tail light is the light for your business. You should know that fiber optic lights are somewhat more expensive compared to LED lights because their fiber optic wiring components are very expensive. The key concept behind fiber optic tail lights is that fiber optic lighting uses optical fiber as a kind of light pipe that will transmit the light from a source to a specific location. In this case, you will be transmitting the energy from the car battery to the tail lights that are installed in the car. 

If you are going to buy wholesale fiber optic tail light options for your car repair business, you should remember that this kind of lighting takes a lot more energy to function compared to LED lights. This is the tradeoff between the two. LED lights are less expensive and will last longer, but if you want the tail lights to be as vibrant and visible as possible, then you should really opt for the fiber optic tail lights option. You will be granted a great deal of lighting range. 

Fiber optic vs LED tail lights 

If you are torn between Fiber optic lights and LED lights, you should know the key advantages and disadvantages of each lighting option. If you are going to choose LED lighting for your car business, then you are opting for the more energy-efficient of the two options.

LED car tail lights are derived from their light source which means Light Emitting Diodes. The light that LED emits is bright, however, is nowhere near as bright as the fiber optic lights. When it comes to tail lights costs, the LED car tail light is by far the more economical of the two.

On the other hand, if you choose to use fiber optic car tail lights for your car repair business, you will be given a very powerful car light option. When you use fiber optic car tail light solutions for your business, you should remember that it is far more costly compared to the less intense, yet affordable LED lighting. This is technically a tradeoff. 

You are trading off the affordability and dependability of LED lighting for the raw lighting power of fiber optic tail lights. Whatever tail light solutions you choose, will depend on you. What is important, is that your car tail light choice fulfills all the lighting needs of your business. 

HID tail lights 

Yet another type of tail light that you should take into account are HID car tail lights. The term HID stands for high-density discharge. This type of light foregoes the use of regular bulbs and instead xenon-filled glass tubes to create a spark of electricity. These types of lights are often considered difficult to maintain, because they are very powerful, and tend to last longer than other bulbs. 

Compared to other lighting solutions, they are far brighter and could last for over 2000 hours. Due to the powerful nature of the HID tail lights, most cars that use this type of lighting often have a small box of electronics, that starts and stabilizes the overall energy output for the lights. This may seem a bit tedious however you should remember that this piece of electrical equipment is meant to keep your energy usage under control. 

When it comes to your choice of lighting solutions for your business, HID tail lights are a good choice because they give out a very powerful glow, and are very versatile for car tail light design. If there is one thing you should be careful about when you install your HID lights, is that they should be installed properly. They should also not be too bright, because they may end up blinding the drivers behind the car, which may be a dangerous predicament. Remember that the tail lights are meant to be used as a warning tool, so drivers should be careful how they use them.

Halogen tail lights

Pontiac Red Tail lights in traffic
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This type of tail light is powered the same way as a regular household bulb and is activated via a thin metal filament through an electrical current. These types of tail lights usually have a brighter light and are usually found in older vehicles. The key characteristic of Halogen tail lights is that it is sealed in with the headlight lens. The kind of light that this bulb lets out a cooler glow, however, it is still very much visible. The halogen tail light is an efficient lighting method, however, it does have its shortcoming when it is compared to the more efficient and newer lighting options available.

This type of light is considered a kind of incandescent light and has often been considered a standard for most tail light options. This lighting option has been a mainstay for decades now. However, with the rise of more advanced car tail options such as LED lighting, the halogen kind of tail light has slowly lost its place in the industry. While this type of lighting is still found in older cars, they are slowly being replaced by the more advanced, LED lighting. As a whole, there is really nothing wrong with the halogen tail light option. It just could not compete with the more efficient and affordable lighting options.


Whether you are running an automobile repair business or maintaining cars for a profit, it is important that you know the different types of tail lights, and what they have to offer. A great car part service provider is Sunway. The company has an efficient factory that will give you the best car part solutions at wholesale prices.

Remember that tail lights are a much-needed car part and are essential to keeping an automobile as safe as possible. Aside from getting the best tail lights, you should also invest in other car parts. 

This will ensure that your automobile business will always have a steady supply of car parts. By purchasing all your auto parts from Sunway, you will be assured of getting top-quality car parts, at the best prices possible. You will also be given the chance to purchase your tail lights wholesale.

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