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A Simple Guide to off Road Truck Bumpers

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A bumper is a substance that is attached to the rear and front end of a motor vehicle to prevent an end-to-end collision that lessens repair cost if any. 

Since the discussion here is about truck bumpers, let us know about their types.

Types of truck bumpers include Standard bumper, Tube bumper, step bumper.

Also, truck bumpers are classified as OEM or aftermarket truck bumpers.

OEM truck bumpers- When the bumper is of the original dealer, it is called Original Equipment Manufacturer bumpers.

Aftermarket truck bumpers- Aftermarket bumpers are the ones that are not made by the original manufacturer. 

When it comes to aftermarket car or truck bumper suppliers,  the company in concern needs to make a good choice.

What Is an off Road Truck Bumper?

Off-road truck bumpers
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An off road truck bumper is an aftermarket truck bumper designed in such a way that it adds extra protection and power to it. It is a replacement for OEM truck bumpers.

Materials like metal, steel, plastics, and fibreglass are used for making abs material bumper, pp material bumper, PU material bumper, polyurethane car bumper, fiberglass car bumper, metal bumper, steel front bumper, steel rear bumper aluminum bumper, metal front bumper, etc.

Parts of off Road Truck Bumper

Off road, truck bumpers are mainly divided into two types- rare bumpers and front bumpers. Its parts include a mounting plate, jerry can holders, etc.

Mounting plates- A very important accessory that comes with off-road bumpers is the mounting plates. It mounts various other parts of the truck and keeps them secured.

Jerry can holders- Here we are talking about, liquid containers.

Features of off Road Truck Bumpers

  • Off-road truck bumpers apart from being durable, stylish, a protectant, and versatile, also provide space for auxiliary lights and allowance for recovery accessories. 
  • The mounting capability of off-road bumpers is its most in-demand feature and it helps in keeping other accessories secured as well. 
  • As already mentioned mounting plates help in mounting various other accessories of the truck, Auxiliary light is one of those.
  • Allowance for recovery accessories is another important feature for truck bumpers.
  • Off-road bumpers at times can be costly but if companies use the same for their trucks, it increases the efficiency of the truck by a large amount. 

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The Importance of Off-Road Bumpers

Stylish off road bumpers
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The importance of off-road truck bumpers include:

  • Durability
  • Functionality
  • Style
  • Versatility
  • Protection
  • Ability to mount
  • Other safety

Durability– Off road truck bumpers are designed in such a way that it can work in rough environments. Trucks are mainly used for carrying loads and their pathways are not as smooth. So, the importance of this type of off road bumpers works a long way.

Functionality- Bumpers are designed for the front and rear parts of the motor vehicle. In the case of off road truck bumpers, they also add style to the truck. All in all, it makes the truck bumpers look more versatile.

There are bumpers that work as step bumpers or hitch and tow bumpers. So, that covers the functionality part.

Style- Style was not a matter of concern back in the time. But, things have changed now. When companies look for accessories for their motor vehicles, the lookout is of great importance. An off road bumper adds to it.

Versatility- A truck is not restrictive. Restrictive, here in the sense that, it has to go through any rough environment, unlike cars or any other motor vehicles which are most likely to travel on plain roads only. So, any accessory that is attached to the truck has to add to its versatility. An off road bumper is designed keeping all of this in mind.

Protection- As vital as it sounds, protection in a bumper is not an easy deal. Especially when the need is of, off road truck bumpers. As such a need can easily imply that it has to undergo a rough environment. So, protection from an off road bumper if designed perfectly can help the truck from heavy damages, not just in situations of accidental collisions only.

Ability to mount- That is another importance of off road truck bumpers. The ability to mount. Lightbars, tow hooks, and many other accessories are mounted on bumpers. Sticking the same to the truck without bumpers would have been great havoc and the parts would not have been completely secure. 

Other safety- Bumpers are designed to provide safety. But, the wrong choice of the same will not only burn the pockets of the company but will also lead to severe damages. Steel bumper for trucks is one good choice. So, looking for quality truck bumper manufacturers is a matter that needs to be given importance. 

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Types of Off-Road Bumpers

Tubular Pre runner bumper
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The types of off-road bumpers are:

  • Heavy duty 
  • Modular
  • Pre-runner
  • Stinger
  • Tubular

Heavy-duty- Heavy-duty bumpers are expected to weigh more than OEM bumpers. These steel rear bumpers and steel front bumpers provide RAM-level protection.

Modular- This is a basic bumper design that can also be customized according to customers’ choices. That does not mean there is liberty on that part. It also depends on the choice of off road bumpers and the manufacturer as well.

Pre-runner- Pre-runner bumpers are comparatively lightweight bumpers and are considered similar to tubular bumpers. One of the main tubes of pre-runner bumpers is across the width.

It is slim and is designed in a stylish manner.

Stinger- Stinger bumpers are the ones that usually help from tipping forward in case of any rollover. It is a very secure type of bumper and if the company fetches those from a good manufacturer, it is likely to work as a great protectant.

Tubular bumpers- This type of bumper can be called the superset of pre-runner bumpers. This focuses on covering the entire width with the main pipe and it typically features multiple round bars. It is comparatively heavier than the pre-runner.

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The guide to off road truck bumpers constituting importance and types has already been discussed.

Now, if companies are looking for good such manufacturers, Sunway Autoparts can be of great service. Their product ranges from lights, engine parts, body accessories including bumpers, and all other relevant car parts.

As here the concern is of the bumper, they are one of the top aftermarket manufacturers in China working in accordance with OEM measurement. Hence, a perfect fit for companies to hire them. 

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