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Top 5 Auto Parts Wholesale Suppliers in Canada

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There are a lot of businesses you can choose to invest in, the car parts industry is one of them. 

As cars become more and more common, the demand for auto parts increases. Private cars save time that could otherwise be wasted on the bus station, they are comfortable and also very safe. While in people’s own car, they don’t have to worry about their belongings being stolen or forgotten in the public van. They can also choose to take a nap at the back seats during the lunch hour. Generally, there are a lot of benefits that come with owning a car. 

A car has several parts that coordinate to make it functional. These parts wear out with time, others may be stolen or get damaged. When such happens, the parts have to be repaired or replaced for the car to function properly. Those items that replace the damaged or stolen parts are what we call spare parts. The spare parts can be bought from well-known aftermarket car parts suppliers for them to last long. 

Therefore, the auto parts business is profitable. Focusing on quality products is a good way to differentiate your brand in a competitive market. After all, no car owners want to assemble their cars with vulnerable parts. So how do you find reliable automotive parts suppliers for your car parts business?  Here is a list of the auto spare parts suppliers in the world for your auto part business.

1. Sunway Autoparts

Sunway Autoparts logo


In 2017, Sunway Autoparts was launched. It is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China as one of the giants in auto parts manufacturing and supplying. It comprises a motivated team that is dedicated to giving their best in the whole process. Sunway also has a customer service center where you can make a call or visit and all your inquiries will be answered and further assistance given.

You should also not worry if your business is about auto parts that are out of the market. At Sunway it’s a simple task, just make your order and specify the type of auto part you need for any model and they will make exactly what you ordered. They also collaborate with other manufacturers with a good reputation to focus on delivering quality products. 

Shipping services are done by DHL Express. This guarantees you safe and fast deliveries anytime you make your order. Flexible payment options are also provided making it convenient to make your payment across all countries around the globe. Their products are of top-notch quality that favors their price. 

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2. Direct Autoparts

Direct Autoparts Logo


Direct Autoparts is a family-based company dealing with the supply of quality recycled car and truck parts. It was launched in 1962 having 20 employees working for the company to achieve their goals. It later expanded its services in 2002 and included engines rebuilt and transmissions. This provided customers with a variety of choices, making Direct Auto Parts your one-stop shop for all your auto parts needs. 

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3. The Wrench Monkey

The trench monkey Logo


The trench monkey was born in 2010 and currently, they are one of the leading suppliers of auto parts in Canada. It is based in Ontario, Canada, and came up with the idea of making auto parts better in Canada. They provide quality services that satisfy their customers’ needs and it is evident from the conversation and comments the customers make. Their good work in auto parts has made their market territories expand largely across Canada, the United States, and many other countries around the world at a friendly price.

Their shipping costs are extremely low since they operate a good number of warehouses in different countries. This means there are no duties, no customs, or brokerage the customer will incur when ordering. They have in store over one million parts from hundreds of brands. Any auto parts you need for a passenger car, regular truck, or heavy-duty work truck all will be available on their website. You just pick the auto part you are looking for and it will get delivered to you in time.

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Parts Engine Logo


PartsEngine.Ca is a Canadian auto parts wholesaler company dealing with auto parts since its launch in 2012. It is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and is well known for its commitment to supplying quality auto spares. To be the biggest and best in the industry is what drives them to success. Customer service is excellent, serving all their customers’ inquiries and concerns anytime. They also ship their auto parts globally this makes it efficient to order from anywhere in the world. 

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5. HuntParts

Hunt Part


huntParts is an auto part supplier company located at 2001 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa,  Canada. They serve top quality, reliable, and considerate prices for their auto parts to customers. They help to eliminate all costs associated with middlemen and do their business direct to the customers making it cost-effective. 

HuntParts considers customer satisfaction first, they are dedicated to offering their services in a professional manner to their clients. They also provide shipping services that are very secure and fast at a friendly price worldwide. A variety of payment methods are also available which means you can make payment of your orders from any country and get them delivered.

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An Individual’s choice of vehicle always matches the pocket, needs, and lifestyle in general. For example, an individual may decide to buy a pickup for business reasons. It may be used to fetch products from the farm to the market. The kind of roads that he/she will be using also affect the choice. Generally, people always put quality first.

Market needs determine your business positioning. Knowing car owners prefer high-quality car parts and affordable prices makes you only source auto parts from reliable suppliers to build up your brand reputation. Contact Sunway for the best quality auto parts for any brand.

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