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Auto motors have contributed largely to social, economic, and political development. Industries can comfortably get raw materials and supply their products to the market without delays because of the motor vehicles which speed up the process. People travel for long distances to visit their friends and family through the same vehicles. They also get to interact with strangers who later become friends during traveling.

Individuals intending to purchase cars or any other vehicle should ensure their cars and auto parts come from the best manufacturers and suppliers. Quality auto parts will last for longer periods of time. As a result, retailers and distributors selling high-quality auto parts have become hot. If you run a retail or wholesale auto parts business, or if you own a repair shop, finding reliable suppliers is key to beating your competitors. We got the top 5 car parts suppliers who are trusted for you to source premium car parts and accessories.

1. Sunway Auto Parts

Sunway logo


Sunway Autoparts is a China-based auto parts company located in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It was launched in 2007 as one of the main manufacturers of auto parts and suppliers in China and worldwide. Good customer service and the production of quality products have been their main agenda since its launch in 2007. They also collaborate with other manufacturers with quality products in the industry. 

Being in the industry for more than 14 years has given them an added advantage over its competitors. Currently, Sunways has expanded its territories and serves clients in all parts of the world. In addition, Sunways has a warehouse full of a variety of auto parts to fit customers’ needs. Any auto part that is ordered and is missing in the store, Sunway will custom it and give the best that function just like an original part.

They ship their products in all parts of the world including Japan and numerous methods of payment are available. This means you can order your auto parts anywhere in the globe and make payments. Your order will arrive on time and safely without being tampered with.

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2. Impex Japan

Impex Japan logo


  • Region: 270–2 Tsukurimichi, Imizu, Toyama 934–0042 Japan
  • Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier
  • Year of establishment: 2002
  • Major Products: OEM parts and aftermarket parts for cars, construction equipment, motorcycles and watercrafts, power generators, etc
  • Brand Served: Audi, GM/Chevrolet, Modern BMW, Toyota, Modern Fiat, Yamaha, Volvo, and more

Impex Japan was launched as an auto part company in 2002. It is located in Toyama, Japan, and is one of the greatest suppliers of auto parts in Japan and globally. Their main objective is to promote various Japanese products and services to a global market. Their main dedication and focus currently is to distribute new genuine and used spare parts for cars, motorcycles, watercraft, and construction equipment made in Japan.

Impex Japan also runs a database where You can search for preferred auto parts online by OEM part numbers. You can easily have a look at all the parts in the company and make your order online at a friendly price. Various payment options are available which means you can make payment anywhere and have your order delivered safely and on time.

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3. Be Forward Auto Parts

Be Forward Auto parts Logo


Be Forwards Auto Parts is the leading company dealing with the supply of used auto parts and accessories available globally. Their stock is sourced daily from a group of registered and professional representatives who review all auction markets throughout Japan, as well as private owners and dealers of cars.

Be forward provides over 3,510,000 legit parts and accessories with fresh stock arriving daily. They also have an online platform that is easy to use where you can search for the products you need. Their shipping services also never fail, they deliver orders efficiently and on time from Japan. Thinking of language barrier? That’s not an issue with Be forward company since they have Expert guidance in 30 languages.

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4. Kaiho Industry co., Ltd

Kaiho Logo


Kaiho Industry Co., Ltd is one of the pioneers in Japanese used engines and parts suppliers. They always have a large variety of Japanese used engines and auto parts. They are currently holding 52 years of experience in the industry and their products have hit the market lately exporting to 90 countries. They have a committed team of staff who can support you in 5 languages including, English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese. they will inform you about the quotation and availability of your decided products.

They also offer shipping services for overseas orders at an affordable price with a good number of payment options available to choose from the favorite for you. All orders are delivered on time and safely with no interference of the products.

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5. Tenneco

Tenneco Logo


Tenneco is one of the giant companies in the United States and was launched in 1940. They are currently employing 31000 workers who are committed to the core business of the company. It is one of the best auto parts manufacturers and suppliers of Clean Air and Rides Performance products in all parts of the world. It has its headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois, Tenneco also operates in 91 manufacturing facilities and 15 engineering and technical centers around the world.

Offering different methods of payments has made it easy for outside countries to make orders. Shipping services are also very effective and reliable since they only take a few days and your order is delivered.

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Motor vehicles having the best auto parts is a guarantee of driving carelessly. And car owners always consider that cars should also be serviced from time to time for better services and for it to last for a longer period. 

Having accessories like seat covers and item holders will give the car an organized look and protect it from getting damaged. The increasing car and car parts needs in the market grow more and more wholesale and retailing car parts businesses. But keep in mind that you should always supply reliable and cost-effective auto parts to your clients. Get more details about auto parts here, Sunway will get you sorted.

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