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How to Locate Hard-to-Find Auto Parts for Your Business - The Ultimate Guide

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Automotives are valuable possessions to own, but they come with very many challenges. It is sometimes very challenging to locate good-quality wholesale auto parts. From modern to classic cars, their spare parts need to be available since parts wear out. However, as much as these parts are essential, some are hard to find. When you launch a car parts business, how can you source these hard-to-find parts for your customers? This post talks about how to locate hard-to-find auto parts for your business. Read on to find out. 

Some Hard to Find Auto Parts

Some specific auto parts are generally hard to find, especially if you are wholesaling. The parts include;

Hard to Find Classic Auto Parts

Radioator Hose

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  • Steering shaft: it is the part that connects the steering wheel and the steering gearbox. If your steering shaft is damaged, it makes sounds when turning the car or around a corner. 
  • Gearbox (manual): the demand for manual gearboxes is low, making them very hard-to-find parts.
  • Radiator hoses: these parts carry the engine’s coolant to the radiator. They are essential parts of a car. 
  • Dashboard panel: it is situated directly in front of the driver and contains the car controls.
  • The aluminum valve covers: it is the part that prevents oil from falling out while protecting your car’s hardware. Aluminium valve covers are usually expensive due to the low supply.

Hard to Find Pickup Trucks Parts

Dashboard Panel

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  • Dashboard panel: the dashboard is located at the front of the truck, and it is among the most hard-to-find parts of a pickup truck.
  • Manual gearbox: since the switch to automatic gears, manual gearboxes are becoming increasingly hard to find; you have to find a reliable auto parts agent.
  • Radiator hose: The radiator hose carries the engine coolant from the engine’s water pump to the radiator.

How to Get Hard to Find Auto Parts 

Some car models have a low demand meaning their spare parts will be hard to find. Many original equipment manufacturers leave the spare parts business to auto parts suppliers. So how do you get your hard-to-find auto parts? Below is a simple guide to make your work a bit easier.

1. Utilize a Search Engine

Utilizing Search Engines

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Searching for parts on search engines is the easiest way to locate hard-to-find car parts. Various search engines are efficient in finding companies that offer these services, and you can choose the best for you based on their location and maybe prices. The process is simple; you type the parts you are missing, for example, a gearbox, then search. You will then get different auto parts manufacturers and suppliers.

The pros and cons of using search engines are as follows.


  • It is more convenient to shop online.
  • It is easier to get previous customer reviews on online shops.
  • Buying online gives you an array of options.
  • It is less expensive to buy online.


  • It is very easy to get scammed through online shopping.
  • It is impossible to check the parts before buying.
  • If you are unsatisfied, returning the parts can be a hassle.

2. Search for Automotive Forums

Automotive Forums

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Automotive forums are conferences that discuss different types of cars, and you will get the latest information about cars and their spare parts. It is also a good way of getting those hard-to-find auto parts, especially for new models or classic cars. You can search for various automotive forums and attend those you can. The information displayed at these forums is very educational, especially for beginners who still don’t know much about cars.

The pros and cons of searching for hard-to-find auto parts in automotive forums are as follows.


  • You will always get a forum that focuses on the type of car you have, hence get lots of information about its auto parts.
  • Since automotive forums are attended by car enthusiasts, it is easier to get hard-to-find auto parts. Some people store car parts waiting for an opportunity to sell them.
  • You can get fair prices in automotive forums, including swapping parts with other attendees.
  • Promotes the building of new relationships that may help both parties in the future.


  • Some people attending the forums may be scammers and liars.
  • Forums may lack directions due to the various kinds of cars being talked about.
  • Some automotive online forums lack quality.

3. Find Auto Parts Dealers

Auto Part Dealers

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Another way of finding hard-to-find car parts is finding auto parts dealers. Auto parts dealers/distributors focus their business on stocking spare parts of cars that give owners a challenge like hard-to-find chevy van parts or hard-to-find Toyota parts. You can visit any auto parts dealer near you to get the details.


  • Auto parts dealers offer better prices than manufacturers.
  • They offer a range of products.
  • It is easy to buy from auto parts distributors.


  • Good quality of parts is not always guaranteed.
  • Most car parts dealers don’t come with a warranty.

4. Count on Auto Parts Sourcing Agents

Sunway Autoparts Logo

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The primary way of locating hard-to-find auto parts for your business is sourcing from auto parts agents. Auto parts agents offer services like providing hard-to-find original equipment and supply of remanufactured parts for the aftermarket. The best way to do this is by assessing various companies and settling on the best that offers a variety of services.


  • Auto parts agents offer a myriad of spare parts of various car models.
  • Quality is a guarantee as they have advanced technology to ensure that manufacturing is premium.
  • Their supply to other businesses is affordable since they have wholesale prices.
  • There are very minimal incidences of scammers.


  • Most auto parts agents are only focused on b2b clients.
  • Most tend to have high MOQs.

An excellent example of an auto parts agent is Sunway Autoparts. The company has capabilities in product sourcing, customization, quality testing, and so on. Their customization services stretch to the manufacturing of auto parts that need a new mold. Sunway Autoparts is the best place to get your auto hard-to-find parts, whether classic or modern auto parts.

5. Remanufacture the Parts You Need

Remanufactured Auto Parts

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Finally, you can get hard-to-find auto parts via remanufacturing. It is also an easier way of getting spare parts. Remanufacturing has its benefits and drawbacks; they are as follows.


  • Remanufacturing allows for parts improvement.
  • Customization is also a possibility.
  • It saves the hassle of finding the parts.


  • It is more costly to remanufacture spare parts.
  • It takes a longer time than sourcing from an auto parts agent.

If you want customization services, work with Sunway Autoparts. They have a team of highly skilled personnel who will listen to what you want and deliver products with exact specifications. The custom services include prototyping and mold making, sample scanning, testing, assembling, chrome plating, spraying, delivery, etc. 


Finding an excellent company to supply you with auto parts that you need is not necessarily an uphill task. Whether it is classic auto parts suppliers or modern, you can get these services from a trusted auto parts agent. Sunway auto parts are renowned for their exceptional services in providing various clients with quality products and exemplary services. Visit our website or contact us for any inquiries about auto parts.

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