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What Are The Different Types of Car Mirrors?

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An auto mirror manufacturer employs a variety of different automotive exterior mirrors to fulfill different functions related to the safety and security of the car driver. 

Pattern glass is also used for covering up light bulbs and illumination points. When one talks about different car side mirror types, anyone can name rear view or side mirrors, but there are other types one needs to know about. So let us see the details and functions of all the different kinds of mirrors installed in a car.

The Interior Rear View Mirror

Rearview mirror

The first example anyone will give about car mirrors will probably be rear view mirrors. As the name suggests, the rear view mirror is made specifically so that the driver can look behind them and detect if there is any traffic or passerby behind the car. These auto mirrors are always adjustable, so it makes for a good tool when it comes to avoiding blind spots during driving. The rear view mirror is located above the dashboard, connected to the top of the car, in front of the windshield. 

When to Use?

Many people like to hang something personal from the rear view mirror. Always rectangular in shape, the rear view mirror is adjustable. This is so because even if the driver of the car changes, they can always see behind the vehicle. Typically any driver will be using the rear view mirror regularly as they navigate. Making the car interior rear view mirror a part of the driving process will ensure safety. 


One can expect a replacement car interior rear view mirror to cost anywhere between $15 and $500. It will depend entirely on the material, finish and the rear view mirror manufacturer. However, the prices that might fall in this range can be higher than this range, depending on the area. 

Side View Mirrors

Convex Mirror

Side view mirrors are extremely important to the safety and security of the driver and the passersby. The cause behind using a car side mirror is that all the blind spots caused by the rear view mirror should be effectively removed. All cars have side view mirrors on both sides so that oncoming traffic from behind can be looked at without the driver having to crane their neck or change positions. Like rear view mirrors, a side view mirror is also adjustable as per the driver’s usual sitting position. 

When to Use?

Side mirrors are also called doors mirrors or fender mirrors. While side mirrors can be adjusted from the outside, usually, they also have a lever on the inside of the door for the driver to adjust the position without having to pull down the window. 


Buying or replacing the old auto side view mirror will cost anywhere between $140 and $330. The auto side mirror price will vary in this range but also cost more than this, depending on the specifications of the automotive and the services of vehicle mirror manufacturers. 

Automotive Mirrors in Headlights 

Everyone knows that glasses are used as an outer covering for car lights. But very few people are aware that reflectors like concave mirrors are used for better illumination. The use of specifically concave mirrors in headlights is essential to maximize the illumination by turning the light outwards. 

Mirrors of different sizes are used in the headlights of different cars by different manufacturers. The best part about using concave mirrors as reflectors is that they do not require changing and will keep on working just like new. 

What are the Different Types of Mirrors Used in Cars?

Side View Mirror

Concave and convex mirrors are used in cars for different purposes because they reflect light differently. Understanding which mirrors are used in vehicles and their general function will help you understand how they are used by different car manufacturers. Let us look at the different types of car side mirror concave or convex and their properties. 

Concave Mirrors

A concave mirror is characterized by its surface, which gives in words and thus lends this type of mirror its name. The reason why concave mirrors are used extensively in headlights is that they reflect the light to form an image larger than the actual object. 

This means that if light falls on the surface of the mirror, it will be reflected across a bigger surface, providing a better viewing area to the driver. The concave mirror is strategically placed in the headlight to reflect the bulb’s light onto the road. Due to this property of concave mirrors, they are also extensively used in solar-powered cars to focus the sun’s rays into energy storage. 

Convex Mirror

Convex mirrors in cars are the exact opposite of concave mirrors and have an outward curve. Convex mirrors converge the light falling on its surface to form an image that is significantly smaller than the actual size of the object. There is a warning on chrome side mirrors for cars that the object behind the driver is larger than it appears in the mirror. 

While it is true for side view mirrors, one should also be aware that rear view mirrors project the same illusion. Convex mirrors are perfect for viewing and are used by a rear view mirror manufacturer because the image produced is always upright even though diminished. The diminished image actually works in favor of the manufacturer because it gives a wider area for the driver to notice. The combination of rear view mirrors and car side mirror convex ensure that the driver has no blind spots while driving. 

Important Elements to Consider about Blind Spot Mirror

Adjustable side view mirror

Whether one is learning about classic car side mirrors or a car rearview mirror, knowing the replacement options and technological advancements are important. 

How to Find Replacements

In case the side mirror or rear view mirror gets broken, finding the right replacement becomes essential for driving. Whether a client goes to the salvage yard or a reliable manufacturer, just make sure that the vehicle mirrors for sale are compatible with the car model and the driver is comfortable using them. 

New Car Mirror Advancements 

There is no limit to technological innovation, especially when it comes to car mirrors. The technology has improved the design and manufacturing process of the mirrors to make them more efficient and better equipped to provide the driver with a comfortable experience. Therefore, while in today’s market, a business can readily supply classic car side mirrors. A client can also choose to invest in a rear view camera for a more precise view of the back of the car. It is automatically activated by studying back up. 

The Takeaway

We hope to have helped in feeling more confident about the general use and applications of different types of car mirrors. Both concave and convex mirrors are equally crucial in the successful functioning of the car. 

Apart from knowing the different kinds of mirrors and what they do, one should also be careful about proper maintenance and checkups so that any problem can be repaired immediately. Contacting a reliable manufacturer will always be a good idea when looking for side view and rear view mirrors. 

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