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Motor vehicles play a big role in our lives. Cases of emergencies can be attended to as quickly as possible, employees can make it to work on time, farm products can reach the market while still fresh and so many other activities are made possible through the vehicles. Gone are the days when cars were looked at as a luxury, they are now necessary.

Possessing any vehicle is quite expensive. But the thought of spending your money on a vehicle that is not of good quality is even more frightening. As an interested buyer, the car owner should be cautious to get your auto parts from trusted manufacturers. There are a lot of fake auto parts in the market, such parts will definitely not last for a long time. Therefore, when you consistently sell reliable auto parts, you will gain more customer trust and more orders. First, you need to find reliable car parts suppliers. Here is a list of well-known auto parts manufacturers and suppliers around the world.

1. Sunway Auto Parts

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Sunway Autoparts was launched in 2007. Currently, it is one of the biggest suppliers of auto parts in China and worldwide. It is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. They have specialized in all types of auto parts that you may need for car parts wholesalers in South Africa. Through the quality work they commit to, they have collaborated with other best manufacturers worldwide to improve more in quality production. 

There is always this one advantage of Sunway that outweighs all its competitors. The act of customizing products that are said to be out of the market. At Sunway, you will find all types of auto parts like auto lights but if you miss what you are looking for, they make it for you! They tailor it exactly like an original one and work perfectly. It is a china based company but does shipping worldwide making it easy to order from South Africa.

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2. AutoZone

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AutoZone is an African-based Auto part company located in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is one of the best and trusted suppliers of auto parts, spares, and car accessories in Southern Africa. Being the leading privately-owned auto parts manufacturer and supplier in South Africa, they serve you with the right parts at the right price. In case you need essential auto parts to fix your vehicle or you just want accessories to customize your car, you will get everything served with Auto zone.

They have a good record of products and services they offer that has gained them loyalty from mechanical engineers, auto-spares retailers, and car owners who are based all over Southern Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, and Botswana. They provide auto parts, spares, and car accessories for almost every model. Their variety of quality auto parts includes brake pads, shocks, gaskets, gearboxes, engine parts, oil pumps and will cater to passenger and light commercial vehicle markets.

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3. Ace Auto Scrapyard.

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Ace Auto Scrapyard is also one of the biggest auto parts companies in Africa. It was established in 1988 in South Africa. The company is proud of itself for being the most efficient technology-driven Automotive Scrapyard in South Africa. It currently operates 3 stores in South Africa namely spring in Gauteng, Cape town in western cape, and Middelburg in Mpumalanga.

Their stock currently holds over 10 000 new replacement auto parts and new original vehicle parts. They currently have a committed, dedicated, and well-trained team of staff to always ensure that their clients get the highest level of service possible. Customer satisfaction is the key to the company and always making sure they achieve that.

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4. GrandMark

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The Grandmark company was established in 1994 in  Pretoria, South Africa. They also have a collaboration with other manufacturers who could deliver exceptional products at a reasonable price. They also partner with partners who have the same focus on promoting quality products.

They operate a distribution warehouse with inventory management and dispatching systems located in Jet Park, Grandmark International headquartered in Johannesburg. With offices and warehouses in all parts of the country, as well as in Namibia. They also have a committed team that tables different experiences and skills to push for the company’s success. 

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5. Mit Auto Parts

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The MIT auto part was launched in 1994 in South Africa. They supply auto parts both locally and globally. MIT is currently the most trusted auto part distributor in the industry for the quality work they do. Customer satisfaction is on their top list and serving all clients professionally.  They are dedicated to working, focusing to deliver the best service, high quality, and reasonable prices of products to customers. 

Their guiding vision has always been  “The prime distributor for automotive replacement parts in Africa.” They have expanded their territories and they are currently selling their products to different countries. Their guiding vision is to be the prime distributor for automotive replacement parts in Africa. They ship to all parts of the world at a friendly price.

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Car owners need regular cleaning and servicing for better functioning. This ensures that it is always in good shape and safe for use. They prefer to spend money on car repairs and upgrades. But at the same time, they can not tolerate poor quality car parts, because it is a serious threat to life and safety.

Therefore, the auto parts business is profitable and you need to focus on auto parts quality. With reliable auto parts supply, your business can be guaranteed to build up a strong brand image. At Sunway, you will be supported with any type of premium auto part, including aftermarket auto parts and OEM car parts. For more details click here.

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