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Top 5 Auto Parts Suppliers in Mexico

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As much as many people categorize cars as a luxury, the fact remains that they are a necessity. With the increase in automobile sales, the market demand for auto parts is also increasing. Investing in an auto parts sales mode is a good way to start a business. However, how to find stable product supply with profitable prices in the highly competitive auto parts industry is a very challenging thing.

Most car owners know the important parts of the car and their respective functions. If you are in the aftermarket car parts or OEM auto parts industry, you should identify the companies where you can get quality auto parts supply, just to gain more customer trust. Finding legit auto spare parts suppliers might be a little bit tricky. This article will look at some of the suppliers you can trust to get quality spare parts for your car parts business.

1. Sunways AutoParts

Sunway Autoparts logo


Sunways is one of the biggest companies in China specializing in Auto parts. It is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong since its launch in 2007. Sunways has been consistent in terms of customer service and quality production of auto parts. They only accept collaboration with known, tested, and trusted manufacturers with good reputations in the industry. All with a pooled focus on delivering top-notch products to their clients.

Sunways has a number of competitive advantages over all its competitors. At Sunway they have a good number of different auto parts for different brands, you will find any part you are looking for. For those looking for auto parts that are out of the market, Sunways will doctor exactly similar to the original one to fit in your business needs. They do the shipping and provide numerous methods of payment making it convenient to make an order and make payment in any part of the world.

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2. Auto Parts Way

Auto Parts Way logo


Auto Parts Way is an online company committed to offering quality auto parts at your convenience. They provide all types of auto parts that you may need. Their customer service center operates 24 hours in 7 days this means you will always find them waiting for your inquiries and serve you better. You make your order online via their web page and your products will get delivered in time.

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3. Motherson

Motherson logo


In 1986, the Motherson auto parts supplier company was launched in Noida, India. It all started with a mother and her son partnering and coming up with a company named Motherson. They were growing steadily and strongly by 1999 but their territories were still in India. They later launched their first office in Europe. Motherson believes in collaboration, sharing ideas helps boost the business. They have a partnership with worldwide technology leaders for different products, technologies, and customer requirements.

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4. BYD Auto

BYD logo


BYD Auto is a global auto brand best known for battery technology. They are currently employing 229,154 workers to help drive the company’s mission and vision to success. They have a committed team to serve all their clients professionally. Customer service has been taken care of by BYD Auto that has been witnessed with their continuous growth in the market.

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5. Hyundai

Hyundai OEM Parts Direct Logo


  • Region: Seoul, South Korea
  • Company classification: Supplier
  • Year of Establishment: 1967
  • Major Products: All auto parts for Hyundai

Hyundai company was established in 1967 and they have now hit the market with their quality products. They are located in Seoul, South Korea as one of the biggest suppliers of auto parts. Their team is committed and full of dedication to answering all questions from clients from all parts of the world. They also have an online shop where you can easily access their products in Mexico and pick what you desire to fit in your needs.

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Cars are good investments but can turn out to be hazardous if not well maintained and used. Therefore, aftermarket car parts and performance parts are very popular in the market because of their high quality and affordable prices. 

Some manufacturers also produce spare parts that are of poor quality. Such spare parts end up causing more harm than good to the cars. Consider well-known auto spare parts manufacturers and suppliers. Cars are like employees, if you treat them well they will serve you well and for a long period of time.

If you need to find reliable aftermarket auto parts or OEM auto parts suppliers, you can refer to our list. Or contact Sunway Autoparts for more information.

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