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How to Import Auto Parts from China - the Ultimate Guide

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The global automotive parts and supplies industry is one of the busiest with the highest demand around. In the United States alone, the auto parts industry accounted for $16 billion in the first half of 2021. This clearly shows how valued auto parts are around the world. This number is expected to rise some more before December hits.

For most car owners, service g the car is part of life, and getting the right supplier could be the difference between saving money and breaking your bank. So, where exactly do you import cheap but high-quality auto parts for your needs? We are going to explore how you can import auto parts from China and mention a few of the top suppliers who should be part of your list. 

Why Import Car Accessories from China

Car Shipment


There’s a reason why people import their car accessories from China as opposed to other parts of the world. If you are a car owner or looking to enter the wholesale business of selling car parts, then the following are reasons why you should go for car parts from China.

  • Affordable: Car parts from China are very affordable, especially when you are dealing in bulk. Car parts manufacturers in China have the resources to access raw materials on the cheap, and when you consider the labor availability, mass production makes the parts cheap.
  • Easy Shipping: China has a huge market presence on all continents, and this makes it easy for car parts to be shipped on a daily basis to any location on the planet. This makes the car parts available at any time of the year without the prices being affected in any major way.
  • Diversity: Car parts from China are made to cover all the needs of car owners around the world. Most of the car parts are made for all car brands, and this provides solutions for all types of cars. This diversity makes their car parts reliable, and nothing ever goes to waste.
  • Durable: The parts are made using cheap materials but are made with durability in mind. This ensures that users get a good amount of years from the parts before they start thinking of getting replacements.
  • Compatibility: Chinese companies are known for making generic auto parts that are cpm[atible with all kinds of cars at lower prices. This is to make them easily accessible for car owners who may not have the cash to afford genuine brands but can make do with generic ones.

What Types of Auto Parts to Import from China

Auto parts come in varying shapes, designs, and brands, depending on what you need and the type of car you are using. When importing auto parts from China, you have to first know what you are looking for. The most commonly imported parts include the following.

Modern Auto Parts

 Modern Car


These are parts that are used in some of the most modern cars around. They are a bit harder to find in common markets, and unless you have them made to order, it is hard for any shop to stock them. Normally, when a new car model is launched and released, the auto parts associated with the model can only be found in the place of origins for the first few months. It takes time for the parts to be circulated around the globe to where their demand is high. This is where Chinese auto parts makers come in as they can quickly make them and have them shipped straight to where they are needed most once the order is placed.

Vintage Car Accessories

Vintage Car


Vintage car parts are among the hardest to find since most are out of production. Vintage cars refer to any car that has stopped being produced for at least 20 years. What this means is that finding parts that can fit is not only impossible, but you will probably have to devise new ones since the companies behind them don’t make them anymore. However,m Chinese auto parts makers can handle that job for you at a fee. It all depends on how complex the part may be. 

Hard-to-Find Auto-Parts

Rare Cars

These are auto-parts that are impossible to find due to a number of reasons. The production of the car in question may have been scrapped permanently, and the few parts that exist have already been bought and used. The importation of the parts may also be subject to bans if the origin country has a trade embargo or sanctions enforced on them. The best option for you would be to rely on Chinese auto-parts makers to come with identical copies to fill that void.

OEM Car Parts



Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are auto accessories that are made by the company behind the car model in question. Most markets are supplied directly by the original manufacturer but this can come at a very high cost due to the quality of the materials used and the expertise that goes into it. But that is never the only solution. You can always go for generic parts and most Chinese auto parts makers create versions that are just as good as the original ones at a fraction of the prices. It will make sense to go for this if access to OEM is limited.

Aftermarket Car Accessory

Car Interior


These are auto parts that are not made by the original manufacturer. They are instead created by other manufacturers who specialise in recreating parts to every detail for use at cheaper prices. Aftermarket car parts have been saving people many years, and choosing to go with them is something you should consider if your budget doesn’t allow the use of original ones. In the hands of the best car part manufacturers, it would be hard to even tell the differences between the two.

Custom Car Accessory

Custom Car Parts


Custom car parts are the hardest to find due to the many mods and alterations they are put through. They are unique and most times, it can only take the expertise of the original manufacturer to make them. However, most Chinese auto part makers are able to replicate these custom parts at a fee that is way lower than what you would have paid for original parts. If you are using a customized car or are running a shop for custom car accessories, then this is an option you should pursue.

How to Find Reliable China Auto Parts Suppliers

Car Rim


Getting the right auto part that is reliable and compatible with your car is not easy. There are many factors that have to be given attention or you risk flashing your money down the drain. The following are some of the ways you can find reliable China auto parts supplies.

  • Reputation: Check the reputation of the supplier you are dealing with to figure out whether you are dealing with a company that makes genuine and reliable parts or not. There are many fake entities that masquerade as real manufacturers who make low-quality parts that could lead to car trouble if used. 
  • Ease of Shipping: Shipping varies from place to place and from one company to another, depending on the demand of the auto parts. If the demand is high, shipping is faster since there are more people to cater to. But if you are the only customer, then shipping may take longer as it doesn’t make any financial sense to import parts in small amounts.
  • Online Presence: Seeing the parts beforehand is one way to determine whether what you are buying is genuine or not. Only deal with companies that have an online website where you can check out their catalog and choose what you want. They should also have a quick contact line where you can call email to ask as many questions as you want.
  • After Sales Services: A supplier who follows up what they sell to you with other services is a better one compared to those that simply ship the finished products to you and disappear. After-sales services include handling returns on faulty parts and follow-up help with the installation and other tips that will make the auto parts fit nicely.
  • The Dealer’s Age: Suppliers who have been in the business for long are more trustworthy compared to new upstarts. The experience they have in the business means they are more knowledgeable and they will be best placed to give the best advice while supplying you with reliable auto parts. Always go for a supplier who has been in the game for at least ten years.
  • Location: It would be better to have a supplier who is within your locality as that makes logistics much easier and reduces the final price of the auto parts. The other advantage of being near your supplier is the ability to return any faulty part for quick replacements within the same day. These are privileges that you cannot enjoy if you are dealing with a supplier who is located on another continent.
  • Part Variety: Go for a supplier who is able to produce all kinds of parts for all kinds of vehicles that you are most likely to have in your own locality. A supplier who handles one type of auto-parts is good as far as specialization is concerned, but they are severely limited as far as diversity is concerned, and that’s the most important thing in this industry.
  • Product Quality: Original or not, every auto-part made has to meet the safety standards that have been set out for vehicles since they concern the lives of human beings. Check for the quality of the auto parts that a supplier furnishes you with, and if they are below average, switch to another one who knows what they are doing.

Best Car Parts Sourcing Agent 

Identifying the right car part supplier is half the journey; you have to find a good sourcing agent who handles most of the work on your behalf. Sourcing agents have the ec[petise of dealing with suppliers, and they do the legwork for you, connecting you with reliable auto parts. The following are the top sourcing agents that you should be dealing with.




Sunway is one of the best sourcing agents as far as auto-parts are concerned. They are able to connect their long list of clients with some of the best spare parts for all kinds of motor vehicles, from modern vehicles to vintage to hard-to-find custom parts that would cost you an arm and a leg if you found them through other means.

Some of the vehicle brands whose quality parts you can get through Sunway include Vespa, Aprilia, Ducati, Triumph, BMW, Harley Davidson, among many other well-known brands. The car parts you can get through Sunway include car lights, mirrors, engine parts, transmission parts, signal lights, and all the other electrical parts that are necessary for car functionalities.




Alibaba is the largest online shop in Asia, and it provides the best platform for auto-car suppliers to connect with their potential consumers. Alibaba brings together some of the largest auto-part makers and suppliers from China that can handle the shipping to any part of the world where there’s demand. When sourcing for auto-parts on Alibaba, make sure you are dealing with verified sources only to avoid being scammed.

Auto Parts Fair

Attending auto fairs is another palace to be connected with good car part suppliers. It is the only place where the latest accessories can be found at cheap prices and easily. As a car owner or a car part retailer, attending an auto parts fair is the best way to know what is latest in the market, and this can help update your stock.

How to Ensure Chinese Auto Parts Quality

Vintage Car Fair


The ability to ascertain the quality of auto parts from Chinese suppliers is not an easy task considering the number of quality producers that exist, but it can be done. There are many techniques that you can use to ensure that what you are getting is the genuine part and not a knockoff. They include the following.

  • Factory Audit: This is where the manufactures of the auto parts conduct tests to ensure that every piece of equipment that leaves their assembly line is up to international standards and meets all the safety requirements. Each car part that has undergone this test must be accompanied by a sticker that verifies that information in detail. Always be on the lookout for these when selecting the auto-parts.
  • Certifications: These are marks of standardizations that companies are given once they attain some quality standards in their manufacturing process. The same applies to auto-part manufacturing, and they also come in the form of labels that indicate the level of quality. When choosing an auto-part supplier, check the number of certifications under their brand before making a final decision.
  • Third-Party Audit: Another way you can ascertain the quality of the auto-parts in question would be to get the opinion of a third party. This could be in the form of individuals who have experience dealing with car parts and are able to tell knock-offs from authentic products by a single look. They don’t come cheap, but they will save you from the headache of having to deal with unscrupulous dealers.

Things You Need to Know When Importing Auto Parts From China

As expected of anything to do with importation, there are rules and regulations that have to be followed. Anything that moves across maritime waters has to adhere to the rules of every region they are passing through. The following are some of the important things you need to know when importing auto parts from China.

Order Quantity

When setting an order for auto parts, they have to be in bulk for the entire operation to make any financial sense of importing the items all the way from China to your locality. When importing items in bulk, you attain some benefits that include the following.

  • It is cheaper overall to order in large quantities as you will be bringing in more car parts this way while paying a flat rate for the shipments. This increases your profits if you are a car-part retailer compared to importing single items.
  • Importing in bulk opens you up for great discounts from the supplier, and this helps you save some money off the top that can be redirected to other projects. You could even increase the number of car parts that you bring in.
  • The more the number of car parts that you import, the higher the diversity. This allows you to cater to a wider clientele if you’re a retailer. The bottom line here is that importing larger quantities is much more beneficial in the long run.

Payment Method

Having established trust with your supplier, it is time to agree to the best payment method. Considering that you could be conducting business with foreigners, you will have to use foreign currency and conversion rates. This means you have to choose a mode of payment that’s supported by both parties. This could be in the form of a letter of credit, an open account transaction, or a documentary collection. The important bit here is that payments have to be settled based on the agreement you may have with the supplier.

Import Duty and Taxes

There’s no avoiding import duty and other related taxes and the amount to be paid depends on the rules of the destination. As an importer, it is your duty to fulfill your tax duties in order to avoid having to deal with the authorities. The last thing anyone wants is to have a court case involving tax fraud. Be aware of the import duty rules and the amount of money you have to pay in order to settle your accounts and have your car-part consignments released as soon as possible.

Freighter Forwarders

Freight Forwarders occupy a very important role in the importation of bulk items like car parts. It involves the planning, logistics, and execution of the movement of goods in international waters on behalf of the shippers. They are also the ones responsible for negotiating the shipping rates, container tracking, freight consolidation, customs documentation, among many other tasks that would be too much for either the supplier or the importer. Freight Forwarders have the expertise to handle any surprises that may pop up along the way.

Cargo Insurance

Anything can happen out in the sea, and there is a lot of cargo that never reached their destination due to rough and unpredictable seas. The only way to ensure that there’s compensation for those involved is to have cargo insurance. This is a mandatory undertaking that anyone who is serious about handling importation must-have. Pay close attention to the terms of each deal when choosing an insurance partner to ensure that you get the right compensation when something happens during shipment.

Packaging Options

Everything that’s important has to be packaged in accordance with the laws that regulate importation. The labeling has to be done accurately to make work easy for customs officials to process the items quickly and avoid delays. This includes displaying the weight, the name, the nature of the products in question, among much other important information. If you don’t have any experience dealing with this kind of work, then you will have to hire experts who can quickly handle all this at a fee.

Customs Clearance

The goods have to be cleared from customs once all the required taxes are paid, and all the levies settled. This is an operation that can take a few hours to a number of days depending on how efficient the customs office is and the number of imports that are coming in at the given port. The best play here would be to get everything ready in order to aid with the process and make it a little bit faster.


A lot happens between dispatching the goods to the goods arriving at their destination in one piece. You have to figure out how you want the goods to be dispatched to you once they have arrived at the port. There are three options that you have to choose from depending on your budget and the urgency with which you need the car parts. 

  • By Sea: If your locality is connected by inland waterways, then it would make sense to continue the whole process by sea. This, however, is only good if you are not in a rush to have the goods delivered to you. But it is way cheaper compared to using air freight.
  • By Air: This is the fastest and the costliest form of transportation. The advantage is that you will receive your goods in one piece and on time, allowing you to start your distribution within no time.
  • By Road and Rail: Road and Rail are the cheapest forms of transportation but can be unreliable due to traffic constraints and the frequency of accidents. Using roads and railway lines is also extremely slow since the cargo is usually very heavy, and that can affect the speed.


Getting the right car parts for your business or your car is important as that directly influences the performance of the vehicles involved. There are many suppliers in China who produce reliable and high-quality goods that want your attention. Always do your due diligence before committing your money. To learn more about car parts, where to buy them, and how to maintain them, check out our website at your earliest convenience.

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