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What are OEM Headlights and Aftermarket Headlights?

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Do you want to deal in OEM and aftermarket headlights? First, you will have to know what OEM headlights are. There are certain differences between genuine, OEM and aftermarket headlights that are a must for you to know as a dealer. Your aim should be to choose one of the three to decide which can provide you good returns as a business owner. 

This article will help you know all the important details related to starting a car light business. One of those factors is knowing which supplier to choose. Let us get to know the details of starting a business dealing in headlamps. 

What are genuine headlights? 

Car headlights
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As the name suggests, genuine headlights are the parts installed by the manufacturer in the car at the time of sale. Not only headlights but any part of the car which is marked as genuine will have the seal of the manufacturer on it. This will signify that a particular car part was installed there by the car manufacturer and has not been tampered with. 

If you are getting a headlight or any car part for that matter which claims to be genuine, you should look for the brand logo, which would be imprinted on it. Choosing genuine headlights is highly preferred because of the promise of quality which only the manufacturer can offer. As a business, you can go with either genuine headlights or OEM headlights. 

If you are wondering about the difference between OEM and genuine headlights, then the main difference will be about the quality and the customer’s approach towards it. You will have to make your order to the supplier accordingly. Important things to know about genuine headlights is that they are not manufactured by the brand but by a trusted manufacturer. The brand only prints its logo on the headlights as a part of the original assembly.

What are OEM headlights?

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OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This essentially means headlights that are made specifically for bigger cars like SUVs or trucks. When you look at OEM parts, you need to know that these are precisely the same as genuine parts in make and model. So, OEM headlights are just as good as genuine headlights. But there is one crucial difference that you need to keep in mind. The difference lies in the fact that the logo imprinted on the path would be different. 

For instance, in genuine headlights, you will see the logo of the brand of which the car is. While the particular car part is manufactured by a different manufacturer, the brand claims it as their own and thus calls it genuine. With OEM headlights, you will not see the logo of the brand but of a manufacturer on the carpet. The reliability and durability might differ from genuine headlights to some extent, but the functionality is mostly the same in both OEM and genuine headlights. 

What are aftermarket headlights? 

Aftermarket headlight
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In contrast to OEM and genuine headlights, you will see a drastic change in the manufacturing of aftermarket headlights. The main point which was common in both genuine and OEM headlights was that it was manufactured by the same manufacturer. This is where aftermarket headlights differ from both of the types mentioned above. 

Car parts manufactured by third parties and have no relation to the original manufacturers. Just because the manufacturer is on different sites does not mean that you cannot get quality aftermarket headlights if you go on a search for them. There are many advantages and disadvantages to opting for aftermarket parts and headlights, but it all depends on your customer’s preference. 

Getting aftermarket headlights does not have to be a bad thing because you get to add several different features that are probably not available in genuine or OEM parts. So, if you choose aftermarket replacement headlights, your customers would be able to make certain changes to the appearance of their cars without sacrificing quality. 

How to choose? Genuine vs OEM vs Aftermarket Headlights 

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Now that you know the basic differences between genuine, OEM vs aftermarket headlights, you are better equipped to make the distinction yourself. Keeping only the best headlights to offer your customers is your priority as a business. It is natural that you should be aware of both the pros and cons of all the headlights before investing in any. Let us recap the key differences between the three headlights for your benefit:

  • Genuine headlights are made by manufacturers of car parts but are marked with the logo of the brand and are considered of superior quality.
  • The same manufacturer manufactures OEM headlights as the genuine headlights, but they do not bear the logo of the brand because they are sold separately. The making and functioning are the same, but the logo is that of the manufacturer rather than the car brand. They might not be as reliable as genuine parts but are great backups. 
  • Aftermarket headlights are not manufactured by the original manufacturer and have the logo of the third-party manufacturer. Buying aftermarket car headlights is not a bad choice as long as you are sure of the quality and buying from a trusted supplier. You also get a greater range of customization with these.

Since genuine headlights are one of a kind, the next best bet is OEM and then comes aftersale parts that have a better range of upgrades than either genuine or OEM parts. 

How to Find a Trusted Automotive Headlamp Supplier 

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If you are looking for trusted aftermarket headlight manufacturers, you will benefit from the services of companies like Sunway. Your main concern as a business is to provide your customers with quality products. Choosing a good supplier thus becomes important because you do not want to pay for bad quality products and then risk losing your clients. 

A supplier who manufactures quality car parts like OEM replacement headlights need to be selected based on their production process, services offered and quality control. As a business, you will be placing your orders in bulk, so getting the pricing structure right is also a big concern. Hidden charges should not be there with trusted manufacturers as they lose credibility if a situation like that arises. 

Getting enough choices to select which parts you want to buy is also highly preferable. A sling as you are going with an experienced manufacturer like Sunway, you can rest assured that your products are going to be of good quality. So, even if you are confused between OEM vs aftermarket headlights, a reliable manufacturer will make the job easier through their expertise. 


Now that you have read through the entire article, do you think you will be able to choose between OEM headlights vs aftermarket headlights? As a business, your first approach should be to find a reliable supplier and then choose the list of products you will want to invest in. 

Giving customers only the best services is important, so you should know the range of functionality and pros and cons of each before selling them. Have more questions? Just contact Sunway

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