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A Complete Guide To Different Types of Truck Lights

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Are you planning to start a business and deal in car lights or looking for a pair of quality car lights for your trucks? You should be knowledgeable of a few things to make sure things go great. When it comes to car lights, several different kinds are available, and they have a role to play. The different types of car lights used to have specific functions to play. They either help the driver or are used to signal other drivers about your intentions. 

Though the study of car lights is easy, now all are aware of its importance and how and when it should be used. It is essential to use the right lights at the right time. Also, not all know about all the different kinds of car lights available in the market. 

Before you start dealing with car lights. Know about the different types available and everything about them to help your customers make the right choice. Make sure to buy one from a reputed truck lights manufacturer.

Truck Lights

Truck Headlights

Investing in a good pair of truck headlights from truck parts wholesale providers is critical to ensuring a seamless and safe driving experience. Truck headlights are not just meant for fun; instead, they provide excellent visibility even during the night and help instruct other drivers about your intentions. The importance of installing truck headlights is listed below. 

  • Increased Safety While Driving: Besides increasing visibility, it helps improve safety. It makes driving effortless even during extreme weather conditions and allows other vehicles to see where you are heading. Different kinds of headlights are used to serve different purposes. 
  • Enhanced Visibility: One of the most apparent benefits of having headlights installed is that it helps increase the visibility of the road while driving. A pair of headlights is already available in the truck, but drivers can also install more if they want. 
  • Expressing Style: Besides visibility of safety on the road, truck headlights are used to express your individuality and style. Several different kinds of lights are available to enhance the vehicle’s overall look. 

Where to Install and When to Use?

If you are installing a new pair of headlights on your truck, you will have to choose a suitable place to install the lights. A few sites have restrictions on where the lights can be mounted; hence you should check for the rules and laws before doing it. 

Use of truck headlights is highly recommended when your visibility gets reduced to a great extent while driving. According to the law, you should turn your truck’s headlights on 30 minutes after the sunset and should be left turned on until 30 minutes before sunrise. 

Truck Lights

As far as the types of truck headlights are considered, three major types are available, Xenon, LED, and Halogen. The cost of truck headlights depends on the style you choose to install and the model of your vehicle. It may cost you as little as Rs. 2,000, and you can also choose to spend as much as Rs. 10,000. 

Truck Tail Lights

The taillights are the red lights installed at the back of your trucks or any other vehicle. They are turned on by default whenever the vehicle’s headlight is on. When stopping the car, the red lights appear to be brighter compared to the dimmer appearance when the vehicle is being driven. 

They work on a relay with the headlights, as discussed. Hence, the driver will not have to worry about turning them on separately. They should be turned on since they indicate the vehicles behind you when you are about to stop. That said, when a car is at full speed behind you if the taillights are not turned on and you are about to stop, the chances of an accident increase. 

On the contrary, when the driver in a vehicle behind notices a bright red light on the tail light, they understand that you are about to stop, and they either slow the car down or change the path. 

Where are Tail Lights Located? 

The taillights are located at the vehicle’s rear end and face the rearward. A few tail light options have reflective material inside them that helps amplify the light. This allows the light to appear a bit brighter and more prominent than usual. The color of tail lights is mainly restricted to red in most states.

The tail lights get turned on as soon as the vehicle’s headlights are switched on. That said, there is no specific time when you should turn the taillights on. 

Types of Tail Lights

When it comes to taillights, a few different types are available to choose from. LED options are one of the most popular options these days. The best part about LED lights is that they use less energy and are much brighter than the traditional options. The Halogen options come standard in most vehicles. The Xenon lights are bright, strong, and have high intensity. The taillights contain an electrical arc as compared to the filaments. 

The cost of tail lights again depends on the type of light you choose to install and the model of your vehicle. 

Truck Signal Lights

The signal lights are also known as indicators and are very important in a vehicle. Whether your car or truck, checking on the signal lights and ensuring smooth operation is just as important as any other lights. The signal lights help signal the other drivers about your intentions when driving. With the use of signals, these lights provide information to the other drivers. 

The signal lights are located on the front and backside of the cars and are also n as the turn signals or blinkers. They have found just the bedside of the head and the vehicle’s tail lights. The drivers activate these lights to indicate to the other drivers that they will soon be turning, and if they have to go in the same direction, they will possibly have to wait for their turn. 

Activating the left side of indicators indicates that they will be taking a left turn, whereas if they turn the light on the right side on, they will be taking a right turn. The signal lights are installed beforehand in your vehicle, and there are no special reasons to get them installed. 

The cost of getting indicators installed or getting the old ones replaced with a new one varies. Based on the model and type of vehicle, the indicators differ, and so do their price. 

LED Light Bars

Are you fond of getting those LED light bars installed on the grill of your truck? There is no denying that it is a great option and helps enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle. Besides this, it also helps provide the necessary support to drive your car in extreme darkness. It refers to a powerful lighting setup that allows illuminating everything that comes in your way. 

This type of light is critical for your truck since it helps the driver drive through acute darkness. If you often drive at night in completely dark areas, LED light bars are just the right choice for you. 

Where to Install

You can choose to install the light bar all around your vehicle. The size of the light bar selected will depend on the location where you decide to install the light bar on your car. You can choose to install them at the front, the sides, at the top, or just anywhere else where you feel it would be suitable. 

When to use light bars?

When the taillights and headlights of your vehicle are not enough to enlighten your path while driving, you should choose to get the LED light bars installed. They help add more light while driving and make the road visible to a great extent. 

Types of LED Light Bars

There are several different LED light bars available for your truck to choose from. That said, additional options are available based on the location where they are installed. It includes spotlights, tailgate, rear bumper, etc. Based on your specific needs, you can choose to buy your choice of truck lights and have them installed to obtain their advantages. 

As far as the cost of the truck, LED light bars are considered; the cost varies based on the types of light you choose to buy for your vehicle. Also, the size of the light chosen plays a significant role in determining the cost of the LED light bar. 

Auxiliary Lights

Auxiliary lights are installed in a truck to enhance the road visibility of the drivers and provide assistance during nighttime. The primary purpose of using auxiliary lights is to illuminate relatively long-range on the road compared to the other available options. They are not used for headlight purposes. They are beneficial in making distant objects visible to the drivers. 

The auxiliary lights are placed above the vehicle’s bumper or on its grill. They are intended to be used to supplement the high-beam of a standard headlamp system. There are two basic types of auxiliary driving lights available in the market: the Standard Auxiliary Driving Light and the Pencil beam driving light. 

The cost of the lights depends on the type of light you choose to purchase and depends on your vehicle’s model. 

  • Fog Lights: The fog lights used in the truck are the small, block, or round-shaped lights located just beneath the headlight on your vehicle. They are placed on the car’s front side to help drivers drive through the fog. The placement of these lights is so that it helps illuminate the path ahead directly, instead of illuminating several feet ahead as is done by the standard lights. 
  • Spotlights: The spotlights placed on the vehicle help save energy and illuminate the path ahead of drivers to make driving during the night easy. These lights are generally used to produce intense illumination in a defined way. They are crucial for your truck since it helps illuminate the way, making the speed breakers, road bumps, and other available obstacles visible. They help enhance road safety to a great extent. 
  • Floodlights: If you drive your vehicle more during the night, the floodlight will help illuminate the road ahead of you, and it casts a large area on the road to enhance visibility to a great extent. The high-performing lights are the most durable options and last longer than the other available options. 
  • Running Lights for Trucks: The running lights are the lights installed on the front-end of the vehicle, and it automatically turns on when the car starts. They stay on the entire time when your vehicle’s engine is running. That said, until your car’s engine runs, the running lights are turned on, and they go off when the engine stops. Though, the brightness of these lights is not the same as that of the high beams or the headlights. 

Are Auxiliary Lights Legal? 

The auxiliary lights are illegal in some states, and they cannot be used on public roads while driving. Drivers can only use them for off-roading purposes. When you are going on public roads, you cannot use them. Instead, you will have to cover them. You can choose to install them in your vehicle and use them on private property. 

Truck Clearance Lights

Clearance or marker lights are essential for road safety, as they indicate the size of the vehicle on the road to other motorists. They usually help in conveying the size of the car, the shape of the car, and the direction in which it is traveling. These lights are a visual signature, thus signifying that no common language is required or any other special requirements. 

In a general sense, the amber-colored lights are meant to be positioned in the front of the vehicle, and red-colored lights are intended to be placed on the back of the car. The size and shape of the vehicle to the motorists are conveyed by the number of lights used and the pattern in which they are used. Due to these lights, the motorists can identify the vehicles long before they even meet on the road. 

Vehicles with a width of more than 80 inches are eligible for primary two systems of rights clearance and identification lights. Identification markers are referred to as a group of three lights on the front of the vehicle, and the middle light is fixed on the centerline of the truck or car. Thus, this type of pattern in which these lights are set helps identify the width, which is more than 80 inches. This type of pattern must always be conveyed in a way of three and should not be placed any closer than 6 inches or not wider than 12 inches.

On a cab, the clearance lights are placed on the outermost parts. Thus, they help identify the shape and the outer body of the cab. The fixtures must be put in the cab’s highest and widest possible place.

Halogen Truck Lights

The halogen bulbs also can be referred to as incandescent lamps, which make use of a type of gas known as a halogen gas, thus using it not only to increase its light output but also to increase its rated life. They are famous for their better efficiency, high-powered luminous light, and better working life than incandescent lamps. 

There is no difference between an incandescent lamp and a halogen lamp; the only significant difference that can be pointed out between their working is the halogen cycle. In a typical situation in the working of an incandescent lamp, the bulb’s tungsten slowly evaporates due to the burning of the filament. This results in the bulb’s blackening, which also leads to a decrease in the light output and reduces the bulb’s life. 

Also, this problem does not arise in the case of a halogen bulb since there is a different type of gas present in the halogen bulb known as a halogen gas, which prevents the blackening of the bulb as there is a reaction between the evaporated tungsten and the gas. This tungsten also helps increase the bulb’s life by returning to the filament. Also, these reactions require a tremendous amount of heat. It is always recommended to use quartz glass to manufacture halogen bulbs. 

Halogen light bulbs are used in the headlights of different vehicles such as trucks. As they emit high-intensity light, they are used in these vehicles, and they are also cheap. However, compared to other different lights, halogen lights are not as luminous or efficient as LEDs or HID lights. Thus, there is a lesser demand for halogens nowadays as compared to LEDs

Xenon(HID) Lights

One of the primary purposes of getting Xenon lights installed in your truck is that it emits extreme brightness, making driving in darkness easy. The Xenon lights are the brightest options and emit more than standard and LED headlights. Though, these options are available with a trade-off to match the different needs. 

The HID stands for High-Intensity Discharge lights, and they are filled with gasses, hence emitting bright, energy-efficient light. Nowadays, these lights are standard in luxury vehicles found on the road, but truck drivers also install them. Since most of them usually drive during the night, Xenon lights offer them the advantage of smooth driving. 

The LED options and Xenon lights are more or less the same and offer the same advantages, but the brightness emitted by Xenon lights makes them superior to the other option. Also, they are as safe as LED lights, and the concept has come a long way for years now. The xenon lights are better than that LED since they use less energy, last longer, and are slightly better than the other available options. 

Truck LED Lights

The use of LED lights in heavy vehicles is rising to a great extent, and it is because of the advantages offered as compared to the standard lights used. There is their own set of benefits, requirements, and challenges for truck lights. LED lights are most suited because they are the future despite so many considerations. 

Several obstacles and hurdles come in between the path of a driver, and LED lights help overcome them all. Also, they are the most durable options and last long. That said, the long life of LED options makes it one of the most popular choices among drivers. They will not have to get them replaced too often, which helps them save a lot of money. The LED options are solid-state devices and hence are an option that is insensitive to vibrations and shocks. 

Another popular reason drivers are more after the LED options are their low power consumption. They are energy-efficient choices and demand low power as compared to their counterparts. The trucking industry has increased the demand for LEd lights since they have realized that it requires fewer maintenance costs and is the most durable option. 

The LED track lights are available in several different shapes and sizes to suit various needs. No matter what kind of light you are looking for or where you want to place it, you will find an option available based on your specific needs. This makes LED light lamps the most versatile choice used in vehicles of all shapes and sizes. 

The lights come in different loading capacities as well for heavy trucks. LED track lights are the safest and the most efficient options that help illuminate the entire path in front of the driver. 


Now that you know there are a wide variety of lights available for your truck or any other vehicle, you can make an informed choice. Based on the market research and the specific driving requirements, you can choose to buy a light or start your wholesale truck light business. 

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