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Top 6 Automotive Component Manufacturers In The UK

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Auto parts are the different parts of motor vehicles that have to be joined for proper functioning. Those parts can be replaced Incase they get damaged or stolen. If one of the parts fails to work, then the motor vehicle cannot function as expected. That is one of the factors that may lead to accidents. 

Owning any car is expensive. Many people either use their savings or loans to purchase one. No one wants to spend their money on something that is not of good quality. Individuals intending to buy any automotive have the challenge of knowing who sells legit items to them. Therefore, if you run a car parts business in the UK, offering premium auto parts and accessories is your main strength to have a bigger share of the market. Don’t worry about finding reliable automobile parts suppliers. This article will look at the best auto parts manufacturers and suppliers in the world.

1. Sunway Autopart

Sunway Autoparts logo


Sunway Autopart is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. It is a company dealing with auto parts since its launch in 2017. Manufacturing and supplying quality auto parts both in China and globally. With over 12 years of experience, Sunway has proved to be one of the best manufacturers of auto parts. In addition, they have a partnership agreement with other trusted manufacturers to help improve their service to all clients in all parts of the world.

When it comes to lighting and mirrors, Sunway does it the right way. From material purchase to each and every step during the whole process of manufacturing including spot welding, vacuum coating, spray, glass glue, and all parts of the assembly they supervise very keenly to ensure the finished product fits in just like the original one.

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2. Autoparts & Diagnostics Ltd

Autoparts and diagnostics logo


Autoparts & Diagnostics Ltd was founded in 1978. It is located at 18 Whitehouse St, Bristol BS3 4AY, United Kingdom. It is now known locally and globally as a leading brand of Auto parts. They have a great dedication to selling through a network of local, independent dealers, they have a reputation for providing the best quality products, and a service that is second to none. 

They began the export services in 2005 and they now distribute an average of 1,500 Euro pallets of product per month. They also offer the best customer care, each customer has their own dedicated Sales Representative to offer any support needed and daily customer service contact. In addition, they have an experienced supply chain team that ensures high availability and short lead times.

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3. UK Automotive Ltd

UK Automotive Ltd


  • Region: 18 Whitehouse St, Bristol BS3 4AY, United Kingdom
  • Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier
  • Major Products: diesel and petrol engine parts, suspension parts, steering parts, lamp clusters, air bag units, air conditioning units, and lots more.
  • Brand Served: KIA, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, and more

UK Automotive Ltd is an auto parts company located at 18 Whitehouse St, Bristol BS3 4AY, United Kingdom. Customers’ needs are always put in their top priority before anything is considered. Their entire team is committed and focused on meeting those needs. For that matter, a good percentage of their business is from customers’ referrals.

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4. Weir Kar Part

Weir Kar Part Logo


Weir Kar Parts is owned by a family and the company was launched in 1973. It is located at 19 Linenhall St, Banbridge BT32 3EG, United Kingdom. They are currently holding experience and knowledge for over a century of dealing in car accessories and car parts. Weir Kar Parts has grown since its launch from serving general car parts required by local garages to holding a variety of stock and general products to suit all vehicles.

They can offer assistance to find the best part at a friendly price having over 100000 varieties of car parts and accessories. They stock large popular parts and accessories for all models of cars and can order parts on-demand with a quick turnaround.

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5. AM Car Parts

AM Car Parts Logo


AM Car Parts is a simple way to get the right auto parts for car owners. The company is located in the United Kingdom and it is the ultimate source for New and Used car parts and car spares. They have sorted thousands of clients, providing automotive, Engines, Suspensions, Exhausts, Car Electrical, Lighting, Body Parts, and Performance parts to make their car the way they like or to help customers get the part they need at the best-discounted prices.

6. Trade Vehicle Parts


  • Region: 21 Main St, Thorpe Satchville, Melton Mowbray LE14 2DQ, United Kingdom
  • Company classification: Supplier
  • Major Products: Aftermarket auto parts including bonnets, bumpers, lamps, grilles, wings, front panels, reinforcers and more
  • Brand Served: Audi, Chevrolet, BMW, Volvo, and more

Trade Vehicle Parts is a company that deals with supplying and distributing insurance-approved quality accident repair parts for all vehicle models. They only deal with auto parts from High-Quality Suppliers so you can order their products with confidence that you are acquiring the highest quality parts at a reasonable price. All parts are Excellent Quality Non-genuine OEM Replacement Parts unless otherwise stated in the description. They go through their prices daily to ensure they provide their clients with the most competitive price, so you don’t have to look for alternatives.

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Getting your auto parts supplied from trusted and reliable companies is crucial. This will ensure that your clients always get reliable services and you build up your brands. People know that a car with good quality parts will last for longer periods without repair. As a result, you should source auto parts from trusted suppliers and do not just focus on the auto parts at low costs. Improve your brand reputation, gain more loyal customers, and beat your competitors. For quality auto parts reach us.

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