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What Are Different Types of Rims for Trucks?

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The global market of pickup truck wheels has shown dynamic growth in the past few years. It is still on the rise with the increase in demand for new types of wheels with each passing day.

There are various kinds of truck rims available in the market. These are made of different materials and through different manufacturing processes which determines their properties and appearance. Truck owners usually focus on certain pointers before choosing a particular truck rim for their trucks. 

Let us see the different materials which are used for making these rims along with the pros and cons of each material.

Alloy Wheels for Trucks

Alloy Truck Wheel
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The first in the category is alloy wheels for trucks.


  • The most commonly used alloy for truck wheels is a mixture of aluminum and nickel whereas sometimes magnesium is also used. As the composition of the alloy changes, the properties of the wheel also change.
  • Alloy truck rims have a greater strength since they combine metal with other elements. They are worth the investment provided you have the budget for them.

Pros and Cons:

  • Alloy wheels have an edge over steel wheels. They are lighter, corrosion and rust-resistant, have better braking capability, and increase fuel efficiency. Truck alloy wheels are bigger in size which also leads to better handling. Alloy truck wheels are also appealing to the eyes since they have an attractive appearance. They can also be customized and thus preferred by truck owners.
  • With the benefits, there are the disadvantages too. Alloy truck wheels are comparatively less durable than steel wheels.
  • They cannot be used on rough and bumpy tracks since they are prone to bending. 
  • They are also expensive to manufacture which makes them a little costlier to purchase.
  • They are fancy but the repair costs are also high.

Chrome Truck Wheels

Chrome Truck Whee
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The name may suggest chrome truck wheels are made of chrome but there is nothing of that sort.


  • Chrome truck wheels are simply wheels made of alloy or steel which are coated with a layer of chrome. This can be done either by a powder coating process or a dipping process.
  • This is done purely for the sake of aestheticism since the process of chrome plating makes the tires look more fascinating, glossy, and lustrous. 

Pros and Cons:

  • The prime advantage that chrome truck rims have is that they make the wheel corrosion and rust-resistant. This means that they can stand extreme weather conditions which makes them all-weather wheels. Truck owners usually look up to these wheels for this purpose. 
  • They are also stronger due to layers of electroplating with metals which means that they can be used on harsh terrains, unlike alloy wheels which are brittle in this case.
  • The main disadvantage that users face is that if the wheel is of low quality or not taken care of then the chrome plating can peel off with time.
  • Chrome truck wheels are also comparatively heavier owing to the fact that the wheels have to undergo several layers of plating to achieve desired results. This decreases performance.

Steel Lorry Wheels

Steel Truck Wheel
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Steel lorry wheels are also made from an alloy since steel is a mixture of iron and carbon only. 


  • Steel wheels are heavier than their alloy counterparts. 
  • They also do not allow a lot of fancy customizations and have a simple look. 
  • If you are someone who’s on a budget and not concerned about the outer appearance, then steel wheels could be one of the best types of wheels for you.

Pros and Cons:

  • The prime benefit that steel wheels offer is that they are stronger than alloy wheels and are affordable too. 
  • Steel wheels can be used in harsh terrains since they are nearly impossible to break.
  • Even if they bend a little, the repair charges are not much. They are perfect to use in cold weather conditions since they contract less as compared to alloy wheels.
  • On the other hand, these truck wheels are heavier which decreases the performance of the trucks. Since the rims are heavier and take more time to accelerate and stop, these types of rims consume more fuel. 
  • They do not dissipate heat well which can also cause damage to your brakes. 
  • They cannot be customized and are even prone to corrosion.

Forged Truck Wheels

Forged Truck Wheel
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Third, we have forged wheels which are considered one of the best in strength.


  • Forged truck wheels are generally made of aluminum but magnesium is also used. 
  • Forged truck wheels are formed when a piece of raw aluminum is subjected to huge amounts of heat and pressure to mold it in the desired shape and design. 
  • Forging makes these wheels dense and increases their strength as compared to cast or alloy wheels for trucks.

Pros and Cons:

  • Forged wheels have several advantages. They are stronger, durable, light-weighted, and resistant to oxidation and corrosion. 
  • These light truck wheels improve acceleration and braking which results in less consumption of fuel and maximizes the overall performance. 
  • Forged wheels are highly customizable and they boost up the overall appearance of the automobile. These become the first choice of truck owners who are more concerned about the look and can afford forged wheels.
  • Forging requires specialized tools and machines which makes these wheels more expensive than cast or alloy wheels. 
  • These wheels are relatively stronger but since no wheel can assure 100% resistance to breakage, these wheels can also wear and tear under extreme circumstances. 
  • The repairing cost of forged wheels is higher than that of cast wheels due to which these are preferred by a handful of customers only.

Cast Truck Wheels

Cast Truck Wheel
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Cast truck wheels are another category of wheels preferred mostly by budget owners.


  • Casting is a process in which a melted metal, mostly aluminum, is poured into a casting mold and when it solidifies, it is drilled and trimmed to achieve the desired shape of the wheel. 
  • This casting is mainly of two types: low-pressure casting and gravity casting. These casted rims for trucks are more attractive than steel wheels.

Pros and Cons:

  • These wheels come with certain advantages. To start with, these are good in terms of strength and are light-weighted too. 
  • They are cheaper than forged wheels because casting is a relatively easier and less expensive process than forging which makes these wheels economical and widely popular. 
  • They allow styling versatility and are even attractive to the eyes. 
  • Apart from being good in strength, they also offer gas mileage. 
  • They are good for street truck wheels and to use on normal roads.
  • While being less expensive than forged wheels, cast wheels also have drawbacks that can not be ignored. On the basis of grain arrangement, casted wheels are less strong than forged ones.
  • The process of casting leads to inconsistencies which result in oxidation. 
  • They are more prone to cracking and breaking under pressure. 
  • They use more raw materials for production and cannot be heated to alter the stiffness of the wheel.

Things to Consider When Getting Custom Truck Wheel for Your Business

Truck Wheels
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Choosing a truck wheel is definitely not an easy task and no one wants to leave a loose end here. There are certain crucial factors that need to be considered before selecting or going for a custom truck wheel for your business. These are discussed in detail below.

Types of Trucks

Before deciding between different kinds of wheels, it is important to consider the type of truck. The type of the truck influences the features needed in the truck rims. For pickup truck rims, then terrain is not that big issue but performance is important. 

Heavy-duty trucks would need truck rims that can handle the load without cracking or any other failure while providing maximum performance at the same time. 

Similarly, off-road trucks need durable truck rims which can tolerate harsh, rough, bumpy paths and extreme weather conditions. Street truck wheels need strength, resistance to corrosion, and fuel efficiency so the rims can be selected accordingly.

Cost and Quality

The cost of the wheel has a direct impact on affordability. The budget plays an important role. Everyone wants more features at an efficient price. Going by the budget will help in eliminating unaffordable options at the beginning which will simplify the shortlisting task as there will not be unnecessary options.

Quality is another important aspect while selecting amongst different types of rims for trucks. Considering the durability, strength, fuel efficiency and overall performance of different types of truck wheels is important before arriving at a decision. 

Aftermarket Rims for Trucks Vs O.E.M. Rims

OEM rims offer fewer choices since car companies usually have one or two-wheel styles. OEM rims are expensive too. Aftermarket truck rims offer a variety of the latest styles and options. They are comparatively less expensive too.


Truck wheels are available in several different materials and costs. Each material has its pros and cons accordingly. The truck wheel industry is growing in importance and economical value.

The task of selecting a wheel is not easy at all and the main aspects should be considered beforehand. 

The type and purpose of the truck, budget, advantages, and disadvantages of each type of wheel should be taken into account before finalizing a rim type. This will create less chaos and eventually help in selecting the perfect truck rim. 

Nowadays, custom truck wheels are preferred by customers since one can have the desired characteristics of different types of rims in one which makes it convenient and less hectic.

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