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Tail Light VS Brake Light: What's the Difference?

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When it comes to running an automobile parts business or repair shop, it is important to know the key parts of a car. This will help in running the business more effectively. Two key examples of essential car parts are the tail lights, and the brake lights. What are the key differences between the two though? 

What are their key characteristics? What are their key uses? This article is created to help business owners distinguish between tail lights and brake lights. With this article, readers will be well versed in the construction of brake lights and tail lights. Readers will also know where to buy tail lights.

What Are Tail Lights?

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Tail Lamps And Parts

The tail light is located in the rear of the car and is used to make the car visible to the cars at its back. 

The tail light is located in between the higher points of the right and left brake lights, and is used as an alternative light, in case the brake lights are not visible in a certain light. The tail light consists of the tail light bulb which illuminates the tail light, the tail light socket which powers the bulb, and the tail light lens, which both protects the bulb and provides it with the necessary color. While they are usually red in color, they also have accompanying white colors that will indicate if the car is on the reverse.

The Key Use Of The Tail Light

This car part is extremely important because it is used to give warnings to cars behind the vehicle. They are particularly important during nighttime drives and heavy weather conditions. During these situations, visibility is crucial, and if the tail lights are faulty, then the driver is taking a very big risk. A key use of the tail light is that it serves to illuminate the back of the car, so that oncoming drivers will be aware of the car’s presence, and slow down in the process. 

How Does It Work?

The tail light should get activated as soon as the headlights are on. Remember that the tail light should work in unison with the headlights. They could also turn on when pressure is applied to the parking brake. The most important thing about tail lights is that they should not have to be turned on by a specific switch. They are wired to the car battery, and will instantly start up once the headlights are on.

What Is Considered A Broken Tail Light?

When it comes to making the taillights as efficient as possible, it is important to know what to look for. Remember that having a broken tail light is not only a hazard, it is also considered a criminal offense because the driver is not only putting himself in danger but other drivers as well. 

Before driving out, the driver should make sure to check out the tail lamps. He or she should take the time to check all the tail lights for any damage such as cracks, or dents. The driver should also check the wiring for the tail lights. Check if they have any frayed or cut wires. When it comes to offering services for fixing broken tail lights, it is important to buy factory-quality tail lights.

What Are Brake Lights?

Tail Lights on the Road
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Brake lights And Parts\Types

Brake lights are an integral part of a car. They are very important when the car is being driven in reverse, such as when the car is being parked in reverse or backing out of the parking area. The braking light is usually found at the side and rear parts of the car. 

Depending on the year the car was made, there are usually two or more brake lights on a car. The law requires a car to have all the brake lights to be operational because they are very important for the car’s and the driver’s safety. Without proper brake lights, the driver is putting himself in danger, once he puts the car in reverse. 

The Key Use Of The Brake Light

The brake light is used to give warning to cars that the car is braking and warn people on the road. The brake light is predominantly used to signal to other cars that your car is slowing down, and that the vehicles at the rear should slow down as well. The brake lights are extremely important because they are used as a safety precaution for when the car is backing up, and when the car is in traffic. 

How Does It Work?

When it comes to installing brake lights on any kind of car, you should know how it functions, and how they work for the vehicle. The brake lights are controlled by the brake systems. They are triggered whenever the brake systems are turned on. They are also turned on whenever pressure is applied to the brakes.

What Is Considered A Broken Brake Light?

Before a driver goes out for a drive, he should make sure to check the brake light for any type of damage. To check the brake lights for any sort of damage, they should be activated first. The driver could do so by applying pressure to the brakes.

The brake light is triggered when the brake system is turned on. When it comes to checking brake lights, The first things to look for are dim bulbs, dirty lenses, and defective wiring. I find any type of damage to the car is seen, it is best to get professional help. As a rule, it is important that cars go through manual checkups every few months. Remember that brake lights are integral to the driver’s safety, so they should be checked as much as possible. 

As for businesses that deal with cars, it is important to keep tabs on the best companies that sell brake lights wholesale. 


When it comes to the management of an automobile shop or any kind of business that deals with cars, it is important to know the difference between tail lights, and brake lights. With this article, business owners will now know that the tail light is activated when the headlights are turned on, or when the parking brake is activated. Brake lights on the other hand are activated when the brakes are pressed.

Aside from knowing the difference between the two, you should also know where to get the best tail light solutions. Sunway is one of the top tail lamp manufacturers and could have them delivered wholesale at the best prices, and the best conditions as well.

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