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Top 7 LED Automotive Lights Manufacturers In India

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Light will make everything visible along the road. LED automotive lights are ideal when it comes to lighting since they are bright and good at energy conserving. LED lighting can be done both for interior and exterior work. By 2018, the LED lighting industry in India had already hit its target of $1.3 billion turnovers.

There are numerous manufacturers of LED automotive lights worldwide. Today we will look at the leading manufacturers you can put your reliance on since they are accredited. Read on.

1. Sunway AutoParts

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Sunway Auto Parts is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, and began its operations in 2007. They are currently the leading manufacturers and suppliers of LED automotive lights both locally and internationally. They are committed and focused on the core business to make sure their customers’ needs are met on time. 

Sunway Auto parts customize products according to your specification including designs, color, and shapes all will get sorted professionally. They also make deliveries in all parts of the world at an affordable price. Try out LED automotive lights from Sunway and you never regret the services you will be offered.

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2.HELLA India Automotive

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HELLA is a manufacturing company dealing with LED automotive lights in India. It is owned by a family and they are currently employing over 40,000 workers in not less than 125 locations in 35 countries. They are among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of LED automotive lights worldwide. Their services are exceptional and they always meet customers’ needs. 

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3. Varroc Engineering Limited

Varroc Engineering Limited


Varroc Engineering Limited was launched in 1990. It is a manufacturing and supplying company with its core business being LED automotive lighting products. They customize, produce and supply both interior and exterior lighting systems of all car brands in all parts of the world. Varroc Engineering Limited is ranked 124th in fortune India 500 rankings with 1500 R&D engineers.

Varroc Engineering Limited with over 20 years of experience has expanded its operations and currently holds over 13800 employees. The team puts more dedication into the manufacturing process in order to get quality Led automotive light out of it. They ship their products globally making it convenient to deliver the products anywhere in the world.

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4.Lumax Industries Ltd

Lumax Industries Ltd Logo


LED automotive light has been the top choice for almost every car owner. Lumax Industries Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers since its establishment in 1945 in India has proved to produce quality LED automotive lights. Putting more focus on quality and good customer service is on their top list. Worldwide delivery of orders at affordable prices and timely deliveries globally has also been prioritized.

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5. Uno Minda

Uno Minda Logo


Uno Minda is also an Indian-based company established in 1958. They are one of the most consistent manufacturers and suppliers of LED automotive lights in India and the majority of other countries. They are currently employing over 23000 workers that are dedicated to pushing the agenda of the company. 

With over 60 years of experience, Uno Minda has expanded its territories to different countries including Spain and Germany. They also own and run over 71 manufacturing plants and are now hitting over 1 billion USD turnover. They also ship their products to all parts of the world.

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6.India Japan Lighting Pvt. Ltd

India Japan Lighting Pvt. Ltd Logo


 India Japan Lighting Pvt. Ltd was established in 1996 in India. They are one of the accredited manufacturing and supplying companies dealing with LED automotive lights across the globe. Their dedication is unmeasurable and all the products they produce are of the highest quality.

The company has already tested and come up with successful Bi-LED headLamps and is being supplied to customers all over the world. All the services and products of India Japan Lighting Pvt. Ltd are customized to meet international standards of quality. You can order from anywhere in the world since they also offer shipping services to make sure your product reaches you safely and on time.

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7.Neolite ZKW Lightings Pvt Limited

Neolite ZKW Lightings Pvt Limited


Neolite ZKW Lightings Pvt Limited has also hit headlines in India as one of the leading LED automotive manufacturers and suppliers for the last 60 years. The company was established in 1952 and since then they are among the giants in the industry. Neolite ZKW Lightings Pvt Limited has expanded its territories constantly to over 70 counties across the world. 

They also supply a good number of brands like Volkswagen, Honda Cars, Skoda, General Motors, and many more, the list is endless. They have numerous methods of payment that you can choose from and make your order. They offer shipping services across the globe and all services are done faster and professionally.

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LED automotive lights are on the rise, you have to be cautious with counterfeit ones too. Some companies don’t follow the right procedures when manufacturing the lights and tend to use shortcuts leading to poor quality. A good quality product will always serve you the longest time possible. For more information about good quality and reliable LED automotive lights contact us.

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