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Sunway Autoparts take pride as the leading supplier of wholesale hard-to-find authentic Honda Classic Parts in China. We value vintage vehicles so much that we are more than willing to help clients locate the correct parts needed to maintain their cars. We also specialize in finding original equipment manufacturers of different auto parts for we offer a wide variety of supplies.

Aside from providing Honda classic parts for wholesale, we also have a crew of specialists that customizes classic vehicle parts at our top-of-the-line manufacturing facility. We can provide OEM and wholesale classic car parts to our ever-growing list of clients all over the world. We also have a team of Honda Parts specialists that is more than willing to help you locate the needed classic car parts that go with your Honda classic.

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Benefits of Sunway's Honda Wholesale Parts

For Auto Parts Factories
  • As a B2B supplier, we provide a wide range of products, including uncommon and hard-to-find automotive components, as well as high-quality original equipment and aftermarket parts.
For Auto Parts Distributors and Wholesalers
  • It is our goal to provide competitive prices, high-quality products, quick turn-around, customized solutions, one-stop shopping, and outdated components to distributors and wholesalers who sell to end-users through our Honda wholesale parts.
For Garages and Retailers
  • A wide range of aftermarket vehicle parts, including high-quality Honda parts, are readily available to mechanics and merchants. We also offer pre-and post-sale support for our products.

Classic Honda Parts Fabrication for Original-grade Quality

We conduct a thorough inspection of all the parts that we receive from our suppliers before shipping them to wholesale customers. We also have an in-house team of classic Honda parts specialists who have years of experience in dealing with various makes and models, so they can ensure that the bought classic vehicle parts meet our clients’ expectations.


Our wide inventory of Honda classic parts is also beneficial since it gives us the ability to make parts that are unavailable in the market. We custom-make parts using the original mold or using other manufacturers’ best possible alternative parts.


Aside from customizing parts, we also conduct thorough research to make sure that the classic Honda parts we produce are close to the original in terms of quality. To achieve this goal, we also use the original design and styling to add a touch of authenticity, especially for;

1998 Honda Accord & 1998 Honda civic.


If you are looking for reliable Honda classic parts suppliers, your search ends here. Sunway Autoparts is the right choice to be the partner of your business.

Sourcing Vintage Honda Parts? Work with Sunway!

This is the place to go if you’re looking for hard-to-find Honda components. Sunway is a Honda parts dealer that sells all Honda components, regardless of the model year. More reasons to partner with us are listed below.

● Strong Supply Chain for Hard-to-Find Parts

This is the place to go if you’re looking for hard-to-find Honda components. Sunway is a Honda parts dealer that sells all Honda components, regardless of the model year. More reasons to cooperate with us are listed below.

● Manufacturing Classic Honda Parts with Trusted Fabricators

Having our own line of Honda vintage parts is a great advantage. We work with top-notch fabricators who have years of experience in Honda parts fabrication. You can be sure that the parts we deliver are of high quality and to your satisfaction.

● OEM Design and Fabrication for Custom Honda Parts

We also offer custom Honda parts that are made using original designs. We work closely with Honda for this endeavor. We have access to Honda parts manufacturing manuals. This makes using the original design and styling on these parts easier.

● Professional Quality Control Team

Only parts in pristine condition are permitted for packaging after they have been extensively measured and weighed to confirm that they comply with the dimensions specified in the original sample design.

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