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Types of Car Side View Mirrors in the Market

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If wondering what the different types of car side view mirrors are in the market, this is the right place. Majorly speaking, there are three different types of external side view mirrors in automobiles. We would be mentioning all of these classic car side mirrors along with their features, pros, and cons. There are many auto mirror companies that will help in finding the right car parts as per the car and the client’s personal requirements. 

Namely, there are three types of vehicle mirrors that we will talk about in detail. These include power side mirrors, manual side mirrors, and blind spot side mirrors. 

Power Side Mirrors

Power side mirror
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Power side mirrors are some of the most popular types of exterior car mirrors currently in use. These came in the automotive manufacturing scenario in the 1970s and were such a hit that they are used extensively today. The main force working behind power mirrors electricity, and it does not require a complicated wire connection. In a basic power mirror, all you will see are our three wires working to adjust the mirror. 

The best part about using power side mirrors in the car is that one does not have to keep opening your window to reach the side view mirror while driving. Adjusting the mirror with a hand on the steering wheel can be very dangerous for the driver and the people around him. Power side mirrors thus become important not only in terms of convenience but also safety and security. 

If you offer the service of replacing manual side mirrors with power side mirrors, you will surely gain a lot of customers because many of them will require the switch. This change in the function of side mirrors helps in adjustability and makes the manufacturer create a better solution for their clients. These are the main types of power mirrors worth looking into:

  • Heated Mirrors: Since power side mirrors are reliant on electricity for their function, it is very easy to have the heat function in them. In extremely cold weather conditions, it will be helpful to have heated mirrors because any Frost or snow will be immediately melted via a heated mirror. 
  • Mirrors and Memory: There is so much that one can do with technology, especially when it comes to memory. The memory functions to make the driving experience as comfortable as possible for the driver. This involves adjusting the seat, side mirror, and steering wheel exactly as the driver left them the last time the car was in function.
  • Signal Mirrors: Signal mirrors are equipped with turn signals that light up. They have a more complicated electrical connection, and that is why it is only seen in luxury vehicles or large trucks. 


  • Convenient in a climate-controlled car
  • Safe for a driver and passengers


  • It is not possible to change the non-heated mirror for a heated mirror without causing a fuse. 

Manual Side Mirror 

Adjustable side view mirror

When we are talking about auto mirrors, we cannot leave out manual side mirrors. Power side mirrors have become the top choice that one cannot exclude the importance and prevalence of manual side mirrors in a number of cars. The side mirrors are as old as the 1960s when they first came to the scene. One thing to note here is that there are two types of manual side mirrors. 

The typical manual side mirror will require opening the window and extending the hand out of the car to adjust it. But the other one helps the driver in a climate control car do not open the mirror and adjust it remotely. Remote manual side view mirrors are not electrical and will not malfunction due to a faulty fuse connection. With a manual side view mirror, one will not have to change the entire functioning of the mirror as is needed in power automotive mirrors.

A remote manual side view mirror comes with a handle that works much like a joystick to adjust the internal position of the mirror in the outer covering. Rather than manual mirrors, remote car mirrors can be easily maneuvered without making a lot of fuss. And if a replacement of the typical manual mirror is needed with a remote one, all one will need is a handle to be installed at the inside of the door. 

If our client’s car already comes with a manual car mirror, it does not have to be replaced until the client asks for it. Adjusting by hand might not be the most comfortable position, but for some drivers, it is the one they are more used to. But even if someone wants to replace it, it is the easiest to find by all car side mirror manufacturers. Changing the angle of the mirror reduces the glare of the sun and the cars at the back of the vehicle. Knowing that all the subtle changes are ready at the flick of the finger makes it extremely comfortable to drive with a remote manual side mirror. 


  • Straightforward design
  • It can be readily replaced to add a joystick contraption.


  • Uncomfortable to adjust while driving.

Blind Spot Side Mirror 

Blind spot mirror
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A blind spot side mirror does precisely what the name suggests. While driving, the driver is facing forward and is looking back through the rear view mirror, and the side view mirrors. While using the internal and external mirrors makes it extremely easy for the driver to navigate, there are many blind spots that might emerge. Eliminating all of these blind spots and becoming a priority by all the automotive mirror suppliers who are in the business of classic car mirrors for sale.

A blind spot mirror is specifically designed to help the driver know whether they have a car trailing behind them and need to give them space to pass by. The right blind spot mirror will help the driver understand when turns need to be made. Investing in a blind spot mirror helps in expanding the field of vision. The driver will be able to avoid fender benders and other problems while driving with this particular mirror. 

As a driver, one needs to be aware of their surroundings, and looking forward is not going to be enough. Monitoring traffic not only forwards but also sideways and backward is made possible with the effective use of blind spot mirrors. This will also promote the safety of the driver and the people around them by helping them maintain a safe distance. Parking the car will also be extremely easy without having to install a camera that looks behind while reversing. 

Different manufacturers offer these mirrors made of different materials like plastic and aluminum. The blind former size and shape will also decide whether or not it will help the driver navigate or not. The angle should be as convenient as possible. 


  • It helps monitor traffic.
  • Expands the range of vision.


  • The aluminum material used in the construction of blind spot mirrors makes it expensive as compared to manual side mirrors. 


Knowing about different types of car mirrors will help in choosing the right option for your business. The more familiar one is with power side mirrors and convex mirrors in cars, the more equipped they will be to cater to your clients’ needs who are in need of a car side view mirror convex. Apart from this, knowing the crucial differences, pros, and cons of manual, power, and blind spot car side view mirrors will help choose the right supplier and give good advice to your clients. If you are in doubt, you can always contact the experts for more advice.

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