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What Are Smoked Tail Lights?

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Whether it comes to running an automobile business, car restoration business or any car that offers custom car solutions, it is important to know every part of the car. Every inch of a car is crucial for the best performance possible.

A particular car part that should be taken into account is smoked taillights. What are smoked tail lights though? What sets them apart from other tail lights? What are their key characteristics? When it comes to running an automobile business, it is important to offer smoked light services.

What are the distinct pros and cons that you should know about? This article aims to answer these questions and a lot more. Read on, and know the key aspects of smoked taillights.

What are smoked tail lights?

Smoked tail light is a tail light that has been tinted to a specific color. They are usually applied via tint or spray, and are very cosmetic in nature. If you are going to offer smoked tail light services, you should know their pros and cons. 

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When it comes to adding smoked effects to taillights, it is important to know the pros of the said method. This is especially important for a business to offer smoked tail lights services. A key attraction of smoked tail lights is that they offer a distinctive look to tail lights. They also have a chance of protecting the lens from damage, scratches, and chipping. Smoking the taillights will also help to protect the tail light lens from the UV light effects. When it comes to offering these types of services, it is important to take the procurement of wholesale car part supplies seriously.


While smoked tail lights are aesthetically pleasing, they are also quite risky if they are not applied properly. 

Aesthetic-wise, an overly thick coating on the taillights could obstruct the light that comes out of the tail light lens, and thus does not shine as brightly as a normal tail light. 

When it comes to offering smoked tail light services, it is important to apply them properly. The film should be easy to see, and yet it should not get in the way of the light in any way. It is important to remember that blacked-out tail lights are considered illegal in most places because they could become a hazard in most cases.

These precautions may seem like a lot, however, a car shop is solely responsible for applying the tinting to tail lights. If there are any accidents caused by these added features, then the company will be partly to blame.


On offering smoked tail light services, it is important to know how much to ask for smoked tail light installment solutions. The overall cost of tinting tail lights usually depends on the size of the car. For an average-sized car, the usual cost is around $99. However, for a larger-sized car, the tinting cost could reach up to $199 or even more. 

When it comes to getting custom smoked tail lights wholesale, it is important to check out Sunway. The company has a wide array of tail light accessories that could be used for a wide variety of automobile companies. when it comes to running an automobile business of any kind, it is important to have quick access to tail light solutions, and Sunway is more than capable of fulfilling all your tail light needs. Just give them the design and brand of the taillights that are needed, and the tail lamp manufacturer will have them delivered to you swiftly.

Smoked Tail Light Fabrication 

Whether a company is offering tail light tinting, or a client wants to do the tinting himself, it is important to do as much research as possible, and know how to do so the right way. Remember that smoked tail lights could be mass-produced, and they could also be done at home. 

  • Take out the housing of the tail light from the car. Make sure to do so neatly, and keep the tail light mountings intact. This makes it easier to reattach them later on.
  • When it comes to customizing tail lights and making them smoked tail lights at home, one needs to be as meticulous as possible. Remember that smoked tail light fabrication is tricky, and if it is not done right, there is a chance that an accident could occur. Here are quick tips on fabricating smoked tail lights.
  • Take out the plastic lenses of your car, and use a piece of sandpaper to sand them. If there is access to wet sandpaper, it is best to use it because it has a better cut.
  • After sanding thecar lens, mix the automotive clear coat, and apply it with a bit of black base coat. 
  • Apply the coating to thetail lights until reaches reach thedesired smokiness. Make sure not to add too thick a layer to the lenses, because they may obstruct the lighting in the long run. 
  • After the tail light lenses are fully dry, reattach them to the housing.

If you run an automobile business, and you don’t have the time to fabricate smoked lights for your customers, you could purchase blacked-out LED tail lights from a well-known tail light manufacturer such as Sunway. The company will ensure your tail lights are of the best quality possible. 

Is Tinting Tail Lights Legal?

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When it comes to running an automobile repair business or any kind of business concerning vehicles, It is important to be aware of the legalities of offering tinted tail light services. 

Overly dark tail lights are usually considered as hazards because drivers at the car’s back won’t be able to see them properly. This will potentially cause accidents. Before your business offers any smoke tail light services, you should check out the legality of smoked taillights.

For example, in Australia, it is legal to buy tail light tints in various colors. However, you should make sure that the tinting does not block more than 15% of the taillights. If it does, then local authorities will consider it illegal. In the United States though, the rules on tail lights depend on each state.

This is particularly dangerous because the tail light is an essential part of the car. Remember that the tail light is used as a safety precaution, and changes or tampering with it could lead to the tail light not fulfilling its main purpose.

Overall, if you are going to offer smoked taillights in your business, you should make sure that it does not obstruct the light in any way. You should also make sure to do as much research on the proper application of smoked taillights, and that the light is still visible, no matter what the situation.


Now that you know the key aspects of smoked taillights, and what their pros and cons are, you could now fully utilize them in your automobile business. If you want the best quality smoked taillights, and other vehicle parts, you should check out Sunway. 

The company offers a wide selection of tail lights, car parts, and car body parts solutions. A key advantage of working with Sunway is that it is capable of providing you with a myriad of wholesale car parts at the best prices possible.

By utilizing Sunway’s aftermarket car tail lights, you will be assured of the best quality car parts for your business needs.

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