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Top 6 Auto Parts Suppliers in the USA

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In this rapidly growing world, a car is one of the properties one can choose to invest in. In case of any emergency, the owner may choose to sell it and attend to whatever issue at hand. Cars also symbolize status. People tend to respect individuals who own cars, especially the ones termed as big machines.

Being a car owner comes with its own responsibilities. Regular inspection and maintenance of your car ensure safe driving. This also increases the demand for auto parts of high quality and at affordable prices. Once you sell premium auto parts, it’s easy to get loyal customers and build your brand. Successful auto parts businesses all start with a reliable supply of car parts and accessories. The following are the top auto spare parts suppliers in the world.

1. Sunway Auto Parts

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In Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, the Sunway Auto parts were founded in 2007. It is one of the biggest manufacturers of Auto Parts in China and worldwide for its dedication to working. They are guided by their own principles, customer service and producing quality services being the main agenda in their daily routine. All the auto parts they manufacture offer the best service and perform the same function similar to the original auto parts.

Do you need to source bulk auto parts for classic cars, motor vehicles, or trucks that were built in the 1920s and no auto parts in the market? That’s nowhere Subway Auto parts come in. They have a variety of parts and when your specification is not available they make it for you! They take your order and design of your choice then make it exactly like what you ordered. Their custom prices are competitive that you can afford because they have friendly cooperation with the local suppliers.

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2. US Body Source


US Body Source has been in operation for over 20years. It is a family-owned company focusing on delivering the best services in the US and globally. With over 20 years of experience, it has been able to capture a wide market and even expand on its revenue. They have a dedicated team focusing on the core business of supplying auto parts at a friendly price to their clients in am parts of the world. Customer satisfaction being their core value is their daily operations. They also have a variety of auto parts to always meet their customers’ needs.

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3. USA Auto Supply

USA Auto supply logo


USA Auto Supply was established in 1997. USA Auto Supply is a global supplier of the highest quality auto parts, body supplies, paints products, and Refinishing Products. Their great experience has gained them a better understanding of the industry’s desires and helped them in gaining a firm knowledge of their customers’ needs. Their goal is to serve the Local Businesses, Business Professionals, all its Clients, with the highest quality Auto parts Products at a reasonable price.

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4. Ksport USA

Ksport USA logo


  • Region: 254 W Broadway Rd, Mesa, AZ 85210, United States
  • Company classification: Supplier
  • Year of establishment: 2003
  • Major Products: Suspension kits, brake kits, and more auto parts
  • Brand Served: BMW, Honda, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, and more

Ksport USA Suspension is an auto part manufacturing company that was founded in 2003 with its headquarter in Mesa, Arizona. All their dedication has been focusing on creating affordable, long-lived, and high-performing auto parts, brake, and air ride systems for the automotive industry.  

Over the past years, their operations have sustained customers globally. They have a team of dedicated innovators with great skills and knowledge of the automotive industry. With an exceptional appearance in a good number of racing organizations and an impressive following, they are focused to continue thriving.

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5. AutoFit



At Autofit they focus to provide their clients with the best quality auto parts available at the most reasonable price possible. Autofit sources wholesale auto body parts from a trusted manufacturer directly at a friendly price, thereafter passing the savings on to you directly. They have a good number of exterior body parts for many global and local vehicles. 

Apart from supplying the traditional auto body parts they also supply reinforcements, absorbers, hood hinges, hood latches, inner fenders, door handles, tailgate handles, rear dually fenders, and drop-in bed liners. Furthermore, they offer cooling products such as radiators, condensers, and fan assemblies for every make and model of vehicle.

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6. Howa USA Holdings Inc

Howa USA holding logo


Howa USA Holding was established in 1955, HOWA INC. It supplies auto spare interiors and noise & vibration parts to all parts of the world. They have also been operating in North America since 2007 with the launch of American Howa Kentucky, Inc. as well as their sales office in Metro Detroit in 2008. HOWA is able to offer products at a friendly price while driving its quality products to another level. 

They also have six strategically located manufacturing facilities in North America, giving them an added advantage to have a variety of auto parts to meet customers’ needs. Their driving motto is, “Comfortable Vehicle Interiors,” which motivates them to work hard and achieve a highly functional and top-notch quality one-of-a-kind product.

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Owning a car is important but knowing how to maintain it can be a bit tricky. Therefore, car owners need professionals or auto parts shops to provide help in terms of car parts knowledge and maintenance. It’s easy to sell parts in the auto parts industry, but it’s not so easy to grow your brand. Make sure you always provide reliable car parts and services to your customers. If you need one-stop auto parts sourcing services, contact us. Sunway auto motor spares will sort you regardless of your location.

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