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Top 10 Best Automotive Mirrors Manufacturers

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Why is looking for a reliable mirror manufacturer important? As one drive, the interior and exterior mirror tells a lot about incoming traffic. Driving safely involves eliminating any and all blind spots to make the journey as secure as possible. Replacing the rearview or side-view mirror thus becomes an important task to uphold. You may want to get involved in this business.

Luckily, we have just the solution for that. There are numerous automotive mirrors manufacturers ready to assist in the search for the best automotive mirror for your business and wholesale demands. 

Top 10 Automotive Mirrors Manufacturers

Sunway Auto Parts

Sunways Logo
Source: Sunway Auto Parts

Type of Business: Wholesale Supplier

Headquarters: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Established: 1999

Main Market: Global supplier

Products and services offered: Car lights, Engine Parts, Body Parts and Accessories including mirrors, bumpers, Transmission Parts, Signal lights, Brake Parts

Classic and hard-to-find car parts, modern car parts, motorcycle parts, and truck parts.

Brands: For Mercedes Benz, Audi, Peugeot, Chevrolet, Honda, and more vehicle makes.

Sunway Auto Parts tops our list of automotive mirror manufacturers because it is a one-stop service for all types of car parts and accessories and delivers all across the globe. With a minimum order quantity of just 50, your business will get custom solutions and profitable profits. Their team of experts will be thorough with the entire part sourcing, designing, modifying, and manufacturing process. They offer affordable services and also ensure timely quality inspection so that all parts are ready to install when they reach you. 

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Gentex Corporation

Gentex Corporation logo
Source: Gentex Corporation

Type of Business: Global Manufacturer

Headquarters: Michigan, United States

Established: 1974

Main Market: Global supplier

Products and services offered: 

  • Vision Systems, Cameras & Sensing
  • Displays
  • Glass Bending and Processing
  • Automated Assembly
  • Custom camera solutions

Gentex Corporation aims at providing intelligent solutions to all the drivers who want to replace their interior and exterior car mirrors. Gentex corporation offers OEM-tailored electronic features specially catered at affordable prices to retailers and distributors. These auto mirror manufacturers pride themselves on being a technology company and providing innovative solutions to all their clients. 

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Samvardhana Motherson Reflectec

Samvardhana Motherson Reflectec logo
Source: Samvardhana Motherson Reflectec

Type of Business: Global Manufacturer

Headquarters: Wedemark, Germany

Established: 2009

Main Market: Global supplier

Products and services offered: 

  • Exterior mirrors
  • Interior mirrors
  • Customization
  • Integrated turn signals
  • Electrically extendable mirrors
  • Intelligent camera-assisted blind-spot detection system

Samvardhana Motherson Reflectec believed that automotive mirrors should be just as technologically advanced as our vehicles are becoming. This manufacturer aims at making the entire manufacturing process transparent for their clients to help them see the quality of processing and output. They integrate their intelligent systems with customization requested by their clients across the globe. 

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Magna International, Inc.

Magna International, Inc. logo
Source: Magna International, Inc.

Type of Business: Technology Company

Headquarters: Aurora, Canada

Established: 1957

Main Market: Global supplier

Products and services offered: 

With more than six decades’ worth of experience, Magna International is an innovative company that focuses on providing solutions related to autonomy and electrification in automobiles. They offer their services across 28 countries and have a diverse product range, catering to separate parts and complete vehicles. Their mirrors and overhead consoles focus on both better visibility and electrical integration. 

Ficosa International SA

Source: Ficosa International SA

Type of Business: International manufacturer

Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain

Established: 1949

Main Market: Global supplier

Products and services offered: 

On our list of the best automotive mirror suppliers, Ficosa International SA is a global supplier for all things automotive and has partners located all around the world. Their products are manufactured for applicability in both commercial and industrial vehicles. They offer a wide range of products that range from rear view mirror systems to cameras. 

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Continental AG

Ficosa International SA logo
Source: Continental AG

Type of Business: Manufacturing company

Headquarters: Hanover, Germany

Established: 1871

Main Market: Global supplier

Products and services offered: 

  • Waveguide technology
  • Intelligent Glass Control
  • Camera monitor system
  • Networked Mobility Demonstrator

Continental AG is a German manufacturing company focusing on affordable mobility solutions. They have focused their efforts on sustainability and integrated advanced technology for facilitating future mobility solutions. Their services include automated driving services, electrical mobility, and other safety technologies. 

Murakami Corporation

MURAKAMI Trademark of MURAKAMI CORPORATION Serial Number: 76298511 ::  Trademarkia Trademarks

Source: Murakami Corporation

Type of Business: Manufacturer

Headquarters: Japan

Established: 1948

Main Market: East Asia

Products and services offered: 

Murakami Corporation is on this list because it has a significantly reliable market in east Asia and manufacturing facilities in Thailand as well as Japan. They manufacture mirror systems and opt-electronics. Murakami Corporation is the country’s biggest and most trusted rear view manufacturing company. Their aim with production is safety and comfort to each end-user and their clients and distributors. 

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Tokai Rika Co., Ltd.

Continental AG logo
Source: Tokai Rika Co., Ltd.

Type of Business: Technology Development & Manufacturing

Headquarters: Thailand

Established: 1997

Main Market: Global supplier

Products and services offered: 

  • Digital Outer Mirror
  • Steering Wheel
  • Outer mirror
  • Multi-Function Switch
  • Power Window Switch

This Technology Development & Manufacturing company specializes in creating mobility solutions. Their products and services work to integrate technology with comfort. With constant research and development, this company develops new solutions catering to its distributors and clients. 

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Mitsuba Corporation

Murakami Corporation logo
Source: Murakami Corporation

Type of Business: Manufacturer

Headquarters: Kiryu, Gunma, Japan

Established: 1946

Main Market: Global supplier

Products and services offered: 

  • Door Mirror
  • Front and Rear Wiper System
  • Power Window Motor
  • Intelligent Dynamic Actuator

Mitsuba Corporation is a Japanese automotive mirror manufacturing company that caters to a global audience and creates mobility solutions by looking through the safety and security needs. Their core technology and mechanisms are made with targeted in-house development, which focuses on advanced production methods. 

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SL Corporation

Tokai Rika Co., Ltd. logo
Source: Mitsuba Corporation

Type of Business: Automotive components manufacturing

Headquarters: Gyeongsan-si, South Korea

Established: 1954

Main Market: Global supplier

Products and services offered: 

SL Corporation is an auto mirror manufacturer focused on technological innovation without compromising the quality of its products and customer intimacy. They have a well planned vision made for global operation excellence and management growth. Their products and services are focused around mobility and automotive solutions. 

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Finding the right automotive mirror manufacturers will only be good for your business if their manufacturing capabilities align with your business goals. The right mirror manufacturer focuses on providing targeted services catering to distributors and end-users alike. Looking at the quality control and production facilities will help in understanding the range of products of a particular manufacturer. In case of any doubts, do not hesitate to contact Sunway Auto Parts

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