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If we consider the front of the car to be its “Face”, then the headlights can be easily referred to as the “eyes” of the car. They are noticed by everyone. One of the most obvious changes car owners can make to the car’s “face” is to change the factory headlights with a customized set. Their car will get a whole new set of personalities of its own and doing so will change the appearance of their ride in an instant. 

Factory/Oem Car Lights

Factory car lights are the ones that are pre-installed in your vehicle. These lights should be replaced for a variety of reasons. For beginners, road dirt sandblasts the plastic outer lens covers on factors headlights, causing them to degrade over time. Since acid rain and the sun wear away the plastics, milky-looking “cataracts” appear on once-clear lens shields. 

The intense rays and the atmospheric humidity lead the wire inside the headlight housing to erode from the inside out, raising electrical resistance. 

If car owners have an older car with closed beam headlights or regular clear glass lenses, factory or OEM car lighting assemblies can help them keep the appearance and quality of the car as factory set. 

Brand-new OEM style headlight assemblies will greatly increase the car’s market value. 

Custom headlights can come with a range of features and there are numerous types of custom headlights in the market. Well, this comes with a small disadvantage. With so many options, car owners will probably find themselves asking, “Which one is ideal for me?” 

In such a scenario, it all comes down to personal preferences. However, with so many options, they are bound to end up with two or more choices that fit their likings. 

Custom Car Lighting 

As far as headlights are concerned, the term “custom” refers to those headlights that are made by car parts factories instead of the original manufacturer. Custom car lighting suppliers often add basic lighting features like a halo, projector, or colored LED lights, or adding other efficient lighting parts, on the basis of ensuring a perfect match with the original vehicle specifications. Though many modern cars’ headlights have one or more of those qualities, what the car owners will find in this area are designs that aim for a higher level of visual thrill. 

Car Headlights

Our guide can’t tell car owners what to get to improve their car’s looks. However, we may talk about the clients’ variables that helped them make selections. The overall design of the car, for instance, may have a major effect on the satisfaction with their lighting choice. Is it angular, or do the lines have more luscious curves? Those with squared-off car lines favored “plank light” headlight assemblies, with a horizontal, plain lighting source at the bottom. Why? It gives a sturdy, straight-edged appearance. 

Halo headlights go well with totally circular halo rings, rather than squared off or angled ones, and are frequently chosen by those with curving car lines. Car owners may choose projector beam lighting with halos as well. 

Many owners with bright vehicle colors, graphics, or custom paint work favor headlight assemblies with metal backdrop bezels. Still, those with matte finishes tend to be content with “smoke” (tinted) headlight assembly shades. Clear headlight lenses with dark background bezels are often favored by those who picked solid colors (mainly black). 

While it’s not as important to replace headlight assemblies in pairs if that one is damaged, we believe car owners should do so if they are replacing an OEM-style unit that looks identical to what’s already on their car. 

When To Replace The Car Lights

Dimming or burned-out headlight bulbs prevent car owners from seeing the road and other drivers from seeing their car. It’s a dangerous combination. If car owners don’t get them replaced, they could face a hefty fine from the authorities. 

Replacing your outdated halogen headlights with modern units can result in a 30 percent brighter light and up to a 25% increase in visibility down the road. 

Waiting until your bulbs are burnt out is not only dangerous, but it also puts you at risk of being pulled over by the traffic police. One must know that It’s time to change their bulbs if they’ve become dull or are flickering. And, as a general rule, if one bulb goes out or fades, the other isn’t far behind. 

As a result, both bulbs should be replaced at the same time. In many modern automobiles, a single bulb functions as both high and low beams. Older models, on the other hand, had two individual headlight bulbs on both sides. For a steady field of vision down the road, car owners should replace both bulbs or all four bulbs at the same time.

Remove the new headlight assemblies from the package and inspect them for any physical harm. 

If the headlights contain single wires for DRL or halo lighting, link them to a 12-volt supply like the car battery (red or white is normally positive, black is generally negative) to verify that all lights work. Check that everything that has been bought is included, and if the manufacturer of the lights provided an installation guide, use them in conjunction with this tutorial. 

There are two ways to change the headlights in general. Replace the entire OEM car light assembly with a customized headlight assembly first. Next, make some basic changes to the original headlights. Both strategies have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. 

The inner components and features of different headlights vary. A reflector, as well as projector headlights, are the two most common types. Many different retrofitting options are available for each headlight and a variety of car lighting items, allowing for unique customization. 

The revised methods for projector-equipped headlights are similar, although there are some differences. Because of the difference in size and focal point, one cannot immediately replace halogen bulbs with xenon lights in a halogen projector. The current projector must be replaced by a new xenon lens for concealed lamps. When using adaptable frames to hold a new projector, it is often unnecessary to open the front covers and install them from the back. 

New shrouds for those headlights are difficult to come by. However, some lights or angel eyes can be placed in front of the beams. An appropriate bi lens is a smart choice if the high beam is backed by a reflector, resulting in four projectors in one vehicle, greatly boosting the light range and intensity. Wire stripping devices, wire plugs, pliers (if necessary), and electrical tape are needed for removing and replacing electrical wires. 

After the car owner has moved the old headlight assembly away from the car for a small distance, he must take a close look at the wire harnesses. Even though they have detached one or more connections from the back of the unit before unscrewing it, there still may be others connected that were previously hidden (such as separate wires to side marker bulbs). They must unplug all electrical components from the back of the car light assembly once they have seen everything. 

Find A Trusted Car Lights Supplier 

Car owners can easily locate the best suppliers on the internet. However, they need to make sure that the supplier must provide parts that must be compatible with make, model, and year of their car. 

Also, they must clearly mention whether their car is a “2-door” or “4-door” one. If you are wondering why, it’s because the headlight design of coupes and sedans differs depending on the brand and type, and parts aren’t compatible. This will help them find the right customized headlights for their car.

For car businesses who are looking forward to giving their client the best headlights, they should reach out to a trusted supplier like Sunway. Make sure that they provide all the types of headlights and are compatible with all car types. 


Replacing a factory headlight with a custom headlight is a complicated job, so we recommend car owners to hire an expert to undertake this job. 

When they see their upgraded headlights in action, they will agree that these headlights are well worth the money. They are also a terrific treat for the car fanatics. We hope that this guide solves all the questions related to how to shop for customized car lights.

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