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Custom Tail Lamp Manufacturer in China

We are high-standard car tail lights manufacturers based in China. We produce a large variety of aftermarket tail lights for different models of cars and motorcycles. Our well-organized supply chain enables us to supply our products internationally to wholesalers, retailers, among other B2B partners.

Sunway Autoparts aftermarket tail lamps are made using OEM-standard materials and design specifications. Therefore, they fit and perform just as well as OEM tail lights. We also provide customization services for special tail light requirements and product sourcing services for hard-to-find aftermarket tail lights.

All our products are made in accordance with our stringent quality standards.

Car Tail Lights for Various Brands

We produce and source aftermarket auto taillights for various brands with your selection, either popular or unpopular ones. Provide exact, vehicle-specific fit crafted to stringent OE standards. Contact us for more custom or wholesale parts. We help source hard-to-find parts for your business.

  • One-stop Car Tail Lights Wholesale

    Looking for a one-stop-shop to cater to your auto parts supply needs? Here is Sunway Autoparts! Our company offers an extensive array of car tail lights. Contact us today to get a one-stop solution and profitable price for your auto parts and lighting wholesale.

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  • Benefits of Sunway Tail Lamps For Retailers

    Sunway Autoparts offers aftermarket car tail lamps for retailers with great deals! Now, our business partners can experience benefits such as great discounts and a wide variety of car tail lights to choose from. 

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  • Tail Lights Custom for Auto Parts Factories

    As your most trustworthy automotive tail lights  manufacturer, we help design and produce unique car tail lights that suit your brand and auto part line needs.  Moreover, we can ensure that we perform precision manufacturing techniques to produce the right dimensions. 

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  • Diverse Tail Lamp Supplied to Car Garages

    Auto repair shops get requests all the time about changing  tail lamps that fit their clients’ car well. Here in Sunway Autoparts, we produce vintage and modern car tail lamps wholesale in a wide variety. We have almost everything that you need. If taillights and auto part supply you need are not on the list, we can create new ones for you. 

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Custom Traditional and LED Tail Lights

We provide diverse customization services to accommodate the needs of different customers. You can request customization details such as specific tail light dimensions or shapes, LED tail light custom designs, specific levels of brightness, and much more.

Our team is well-versed in the design and production of car tail lights. We are, therefore, able to execute your customization requests no matter how complex they are. Simply tell us what you need, such as:

  • ● Brand
  • ● Model
  • ● Headlight or taillight types (LED/HID/Halogen)
  • ● And other specs


Start Your OEM/ODM Project

In-House Car Tail Lamp Manufacturing

Sunway Autoparts car tail lights are fully produced in-house. We do not outsource any of our production processes. We have invested in top-of-the-range factory machinery and a team of innovative experts that specialize in car tail light design and manufacturing.

Our production process begins with the evaluation of your car tail lamp order. We then develop a design sketch with all the features and specifications of your desired car tail lamp. This design is applied as a template to fabricate an injection mold.

We use automated grinders and CNC machines to produce molds with features matching the fog lights you require. Once the molds are polished and ready, we injection mold the tail lights. Any additional design details are implemented using high-accuracy EDM machines if necessary.

We apply special surface finishes such as vacuum metalizing and chrome plating. These finishes elevate the appearance of the tail lamp and make it more durable. After hand-polishing, all car tail lights are handed to the quality control team for inspection.

Benefits of Our Sophisticated Supply Chain

Sunway Autoparts works with an extensive network of auto parts suppliers, manufacturers, and experts from around the world. They all offer unique products including modern and classic tail lamps for different car models.

When you reach out to us and request hard-to-find tail lamps for sale, we use our extensive supply chain network to find them for you. If our search yields multiple options we will compare them and find you the best quality lamps at the best possible price. This process only takes a few days and this saves you both time and money.

Car parts Supply Chain
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Tail Lights Solutions For a Wide Variety of Vehicles

We supply our B2B partners with a broad variety of tail lights that are ideal for different models of cars and motorcycles. Our varieties include tail lights for:

  • Modern Cars
  • Classic Cars
  • Trucks
  • Classic Pick-up Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Classic Motorcycles

Car Tail Light Blogs

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