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Different Materials Used for Car Carpet Manufacturing

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Automotive Floor Mats are the first line of defense for any vehicle’s factory flooring, whether it’s a car, truck, or SUV. That puts floor mats in the difficult position of having to resist varying amounts of wear on a regular basis while still offering additional comfort and complementing the vehicle’s interior design.

Vehicle makers have sought to overcome the specific issues that floor mats confront by developing a variety of material kinds, each targeted at providing enough protection for the intended usage of a vehicle.

Different materials used for car carpet manufacturing impart distinct features to the product.

Rubber Mats

Rubber Mat
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Unique Feature – Waterproof and Low Maintenance

Rubber structure is most commonly found on floor mats. If you desire the comfort of softer, more malleable material under your feet as well as comprehensive dirt and spill protection, we propose rubber mats.

Rubber Car Mat Pros

  • Rubber floor mats are simple to maintain.
  • Rubber floor mats are frequently less expensive than carpet mats.
  • Rubber vehicle floor mats offer much more protection than carpet car floor mats.
  • Rubber car mats are more durable and intended to handle harsh climatic factors than carpet vehicle floor mats.
  • Rubber floor mats are designed to endure high-traffic conditions.

Rubber Car Mat Cons

  • You can’t demand a rubber floor mat to be an identical match to the underlying carpet because colors are restricted.
  • Rubber mats are not as visually appealing as carpet choices.
  • Rubber floor mats are normally available in a limited number of colors. These hues are grey, black, and occasionally tan.

Car Carpet Mats

Car carpet mat
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Unique Feature Dust Absorbent and Plush Look

Sunway Autoparts has value-priced carpet mats that are closer to OE thickness for individuals that prefer practicality. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ll discover luxurious, professional carpet mats that would look right at home in any high-end luxury vehicle.

Carpeted mats provide the finest possibilities for car owners looking for mats that make a statement, with a variety of custom embroidering options and a vast selection of all types of pre-designed logos.

Car Carpet Mat Pros 

  • Custom car floor mat materialcomes in a variety of styles.
  • Custom car carpet mats are often more protective and comprehensive than OEM carpet vehicle mats.
  • Custom carpet mats are typically less expensive than dealership carpet floor mats.
  • Custom carpeted floor mats are available in a wide range of colors.
  • Carpet floor mats are available with logos, may be embroidered with initials or names, or are woven with multicolored fibres to provide a variety of colors to suit any particular preference.

Car Carpet Mat Cons

  • Carpets are more prone to staining.
  • Carpet mats do not withstand wear and tear as well as robust rubber mats.
  • Carpet matting is less grippy.
  • Carpeted vehicle mats need additional maintenance.
  • Vacuuming carpet mats is more challenging.

Rubber vs Carpet Floor Mats for Cars

Rubber vs Carpet floor mats
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Before making a decision, you need to be aware of a few fundamental distinctions between rubber and carpet. Among them are the following: 

  • Rubber mats are less expensive than carpet.
  • Rubber mats are more long-lasting.
  • Personalization is possible with carpet floor mats.
  • Carpet mats give a more upscale appearance.

Carpet mats work effectively for areas that aren’t exposed to a lot of dirt, snowfall, or other debris. Rubber mats are ideal for off-roading and other outdoor activities.

Vinyl Car Carpets

Vinyl mat
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Unique Feature Easy to clean and Upkeep

While the chemical formulae for vinyl automobile carpets composed mostly of polymers (rather than rubber) differ, they all have a rubber-like appearance and feel. However, upon closer investigation, it is clear that vinyl mat surfaces are often a little firmer and less elastic to the touch. Vinyl mats offer complete resistance to water leakage and will most likely last the entire lifetime of the car without deteriorating.

To support their curved designs, floor liners are often constructed of stronger polymer compositions. Because synthetic rubber is tougher than natural rubber, it is less likely to wear and develop cuts under severe use. 

This makes vinyl floor mats a great choice for endurance in a vehicle that will be transporting a large number of family members, pets, colleagues, or passengers on a frequent basis.

Vinyl Car Carpet Pros

  • Vinyl car carpet material is water resistant, and any water leakage may be cleaned away with a cloth.
  • The floor of the automobile may be washed with a damp cloth, which is useful during rainy seasons.
  • Cheap and economical alternative

Vinyl Car Carpet Cons

  • It is necessary to remove the seats, which is a difficult task.
  • Though Vinyl Car Carpets assist to keep the automobile clean, they detract from the car’s ambiance.
  • There might be fungal growth underneath the Vinyl Car Carpet, which could harm the carpet and lead to corrosion of the vehicle’s metal floor.

Aluminum Car Floor Mats 

Aluminium mat
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Unique FeatureAdds personality to your car

When you think about it, aluminum possesses properties that make it a fantastic floor mat. Dirt and liquid will not permeate the surface; it is exceptionally durable and will not tarnish, corrode, or fade; and since it is stiff, dirt and liquid will not cluster up underneath the brake and accelerator pedals, resulting in risky driving situations. 

Of course, metal would be best suited to “bare floor” vehicles that have no flooring at all. The aluminum mats may perform an excellent job of preserving and beautifying the sheet metal floor. 

Aluminum floor mats are also a wonderful addition to automobiles that have lightweight bodywork or weight-reducing accessories. Aluminum mats are available in a sharply polished mirror surface as well as long-lasting powder coat hues including yellow, black, red, blue, or orange.

Aluminium Car Floor Mats Pros

  • Water resistant
  • Dirt resistant
  • Durable

Aluminium Car Floor Mats Cons

  • easily scratched
  • Available in a limited range of colors


The good news is that Sunway has tough mats designed for any specific purpose, be it creating a barrier against food spills, dirt, snow, or sand. We specialize in car mat wholesale that is tailored to meet your unique demands and is quite affordable.

For customers wanting to improve the ambiance of their cars, we have luxury carpeted mats and even nicely grooved rubber mats. We also provide brightly colored mats if you merely want to make the car a more happy place to spend time. 

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